Introducing Elder Marchello

September 9, 2013

Here he is! Straight from the Mexico MTC
Sending me that GPS was just fantastic and I am so grateful that you paid the extra money for next day shipping. Those things save lives and the work gets done so much better with them. I can't thank you enough. It almost get tears out of me to know that you have my back on the other side of the country like that. It's more than just the money you use for me. Thank you.

Elder Marchello and Elder Fivas
I don't usually read Elder Boekweg's blog so yes please keep sending it in the "dear elders". I love the letters, dad. They make me so very happy and I love hearing what's going on. You sound super happy with a great life. Good deal baby. 

I love that the family is visiting you all up there and taking advantage of the fun. 

One of my favorite people on the planet
 and my new zone leader Elder Barnett
Thank you so much for taking care of the Spanish Elders [serving here in Idaho]. Tell them I say "hi". Keep them fed and happy. The Eddy family takes care of us like that. I love them so much. The Eastgate ward rocks. 

City BBQ
Man this last week has been brutal on me but I am loving the growth! I keep getting the best companions and Elder Marchello is impressing me every time we are out working. Now that Elder Arveseth is gone it makes me appreciate all of the calls and behind the scene things that he did to set up success. I am very happy to be in EastCherry still and really would love to stay here the rest of my mission, it wouldn't bother me at all. 

I love training! I am the best missionary that I have been so far in my mission and I know God is helping me to help super Elder Marchello. The numbers for last week were pretty low though. It was a little disheartening but I know things will rocket up if I keep on the path that I am going. I can feel the spirit guide me everywhere I go and the work feels good and my studies are the best they've been. I receive revelation for my investigators. Life is good! 
Ewin y Edin

We have been dishing out a lot of referrals to the English Elders and with God's help we helped them get 3 new investigators with 3 people at church in Eastgate and someone on date in Norwood YSA as well as two new investigators in Norwood. It looks like to me that God gave me Spanish work to challenge me because English would be too easy. That was a joke ;) One of the referrals kept calling me Pastor Fivas in the lesson with the other Elders. I like the ring of that, maybe I will go to school for this so I can get paid to minister. Why not? Also a joke.

Well I got my greenie in on the idea for "feet-in-the-tub" study by the way. He is so great! I got the best son for sure!

Con amor, Elder Fivas

P.S. That's Ben from the Eddy family with the cat they found in a bush. So cute.