Gettin my spiritual muscles beefy‏

**On Wednesday, Sept. 11, we received a phone call from Ohio.  This awesome family had just fed dinner to Elder Fivas and Elder Marchello along with other members of their ward plus an investigator.  They called us after they had left to let us know how much they like Elder Fivas.  Sister Van de Merwe mentioned that Elder Fivas was apologetic that they were 5-minutes early.  I also told her that he needs to write longer letters after she explained that 64 year-old Maury approached Elder Fivas and his companion (probably Elder Arveseth) in Wendy's and asked them about the gospel.  This is the Brother that started calling him Pastor Fivas.**

My dear wonderful family!

I CANNOT believe that Sister Van de Merwe called mom up and even worse I can't believe mom mentioned that I am always late. haha What gives? I don't know if I can write longer letters because I do like to do other things on Pday :) But hey, you know I love you all. Maybe if you emailed me some specific questions? anyway,

Life is great and I am still growing. Elder Marchello is still the best and Eastgate is wonderful. Our numbers are going up a little bit and we have some people who are starting to progress and some people who could very well be on their way to baptism soon. There are people here with so much potential and Elder Marchello and I are doing are best to break them out of the woodwork. We're still searching to meet some needs but I feel things will accelerate once we figure them out. 

Being a senior companion is helping me out so much! I have got 20x better at being a missionary when you aren't out of the apartment. I have grown in making calls and doing paper work and building relationships with members. Also I have gotten a million times better at planning whereas before I would rely on Elder Arveseth. Conserving miles still stress me out but hey, I am getting better at that too. All of these desk job things set up success and I love it. 

My zone leaders rock and I love them to death. The Eastgate zone has so many people that I look up to and couldn't be happier right now working and learning with them and from them. That was a long compound sentence. 

I can't believe Kelsey is almost 17. So crazy! she is such a wonderful girl and I love her so much. Keep being amazing gurl! (Kelsey's birthday is Sept. 19)

I love hearing about my friends too dad, thank you for sending me their letters. Seeing how many of my good friends are out in the field getting their personalized spiritual workout makes me so happy. I can't wait to reunite with them and have more good times. Just a side note, I miss BYU. The weather here has cooled down and it gets me so trunky! It reminds me of all the things I did back in first semester. Such good times!  

I love Elder Pape and Elder Tanner so much. That's so crazy that mom has already blogged with both of their moms haha.

Elder Tanner is the tall dark hair. We stay up too late talking haha.

Lastly that camaro reminded me of my best friend so much that I couldn't pass it up. I hope he sees that picture!

Love you so much family!