September 30, 2013

I cannot believe how much goes on in just a week's time. So many memories that come so fast!

I very much enjoyed my interview with President Porter. He gave me some huge compliments and I really feel that he loves me so that's always good. 

p.s. Selfie Sunday
I Learned wonderful things from the training and had a very powerful experience role playing with Elder Moore (who is on scholarship to play football at BYU when he gets back so look for him).

The Spirit is guiding me more every day I feel. I have gone to bed happy and satisfied as I have pushed for our goals and done what I can. I learned an important lesson from Telisha who sent me something that her old mission President said. He said, "Do good. Trust God. Don't worry." It filled me with peace and helped me refocus on why the key indicators are there and to remember my purpose in every minute of the day. There is always more but I wan't you to know that I am still seeing growth in myself! Thanks a million Telisha bug!

My companion Elder Marchello rocks and I love him. He impresses me so much and talks just as much as I do out on the street or in a lesson. That says so much, that he is willing to open his mouth and does so well. I couldn't be happier with him. He is very willing to obey and listen. I trust him and he trusts me. I am very happy God knows me enough to trust me with Elder Marchello.

The Eastcherry area is on the verge of exploding. I can feel it in the airwaves. (that's why I titled the email the way I did [T-minus who knows?]) I feel like I really belong here and the people we are teaching now have a real potential to be baptized. I get closer to the members every week and meet more of them. I don't want to over talk this but really the work is going towards more baptisms here and more converts. We are being hugely blessed as we try everything to do what the Spirit says. I actually read today in 2 Nephi 28:30 that he who hears more will receive more. I am putting that into effect and I expect God's results. I am just very happy.
The notes I keep finding from my secret admirers
Thank you dad for giving me some insight and advice. It doesn't surprise me one bit that you trained for a lot of your mission. We keep way busy too, just like you did. A little too busy perhaps seeing as we seldom have time to study the 12 week training haha. That's why we have repentence! I do want to ask if that hispanic abuela story is true. or the one about teaching the soldier. If you have time to tell me more about your mission I would love to hear about it. Just write what the spirit brings to your remembrance. ;)
Dog pile
Well there is a Puerto Rican family that we are teaching. We are going to make them dinner on Saturday between conference sessions. They rock. Their 11-year-old son John Michael was so excited to see us last time. It made me feel so good. He was playing Captain America in spanish which made me chuckle.
Our investigator Doris rocks too man, she told her job she had to go to church this Sunday and that they had to wait for after church until she could come in. So many good people! One of the little girls I met at a member dinner last night told me I was the most awesome missionary ever and that sure made me feel good. I am a hit with the 5 graders I guess ;)
I got to watch a bit of a Real Madrid game on tv the other day, that was sweet. They are so good!
Elder Pape and Elder Tanner and Elder Barnett and Elder Burt are so great! I will be friends with all of them forever! Each transfer just gets more and more fun. We are always together at the end of the day which makes it very hard to plan but man I am just so happy.
 Elder Burt is the closest to the camera
 and Elder Pape is the other face you can see.
Elder Tanner is against the wall
 and Elder Marchello is under them all! haha
Well that's all you get for today!
Love you all so much!
Thanks for the letter and meals paid for, Nana and Andy!
White Castle and Skyline Chili is delicious!
I am so proud of all my friends serving around the world!
Elder Tyrel Barney is looking real fresh!
Ok bye, Elder Fivas

Response to letters from home

September 23, 2013

Hey family!

Love to hear that things seem to be going really well! But who would tell their missionary all the bad things in life right? Haha
My Sweet Spanish District

Deep fried deliciousness from the fair sounds wonderful and way to go with your class, mom! 

Also it made me overjoyed to read that Sister Prince from Fairfield had posted something that her family likes me. They rock and I miss them.

Me looking Euro
So I work where I live now more or less. Elder Arveseth works in Norwood not me. But I still eat out about half of the time because it's easier and cheaper than buying healthy groceries. So McDoubles or pb&js are my options. Still love them both :P

So the computer kicks me off in three and a half minutes... I write the stories that I want to share in my journal so I can have material to talk and joke when I get back haha so I don't take the time to type them to you usually.

Photo: Elder Fivas
As for me eating that delicious tostado on my knees... It was just really messy and I had to take care of my white shirt. So I used the counter instead of a bib haha.

Gettin my spiritual muscles beefy‏

**On Wednesday, Sept. 11, we received a phone call from Ohio.  This awesome family had just fed dinner to Elder Fivas and Elder Marchello along with other members of their ward plus an investigator.  They called us after they had left to let us know how much they like Elder Fivas.  Sister Van de Merwe mentioned that Elder Fivas was apologetic that they were 5-minutes early.  I also told her that he needs to write longer letters after she explained that 64 year-old Maury approached Elder Fivas and his companion (probably Elder Arveseth) in Wendy's and asked them about the gospel.  This is the Brother that started calling him Pastor Fivas.**

My dear wonderful family!

I CANNOT believe that Sister Van de Merwe called mom up and even worse I can't believe mom mentioned that I am always late. haha What gives? I don't know if I can write longer letters because I do like to do other things on Pday :) But hey, you know I love you all. Maybe if you emailed me some specific questions? anyway,

Life is great and I am still growing. Elder Marchello is still the best and Eastgate is wonderful. Our numbers are going up a little bit and we have some people who are starting to progress and some people who could very well be on their way to baptism soon. There are people here with so much potential and Elder Marchello and I are doing are best to break them out of the woodwork. We're still searching to meet some needs but I feel things will accelerate once we figure them out. 

Being a senior companion is helping me out so much! I have got 20x better at being a missionary when you aren't out of the apartment. I have grown in making calls and doing paper work and building relationships with members. Also I have gotten a million times better at planning whereas before I would rely on Elder Arveseth. Conserving miles still stress me out but hey, I am getting better at that too. All of these desk job things set up success and I love it. 

My zone leaders rock and I love them to death. The Eastgate zone has so many people that I look up to and couldn't be happier right now working and learning with them and from them. That was a long compound sentence. 

I can't believe Kelsey is almost 17. So crazy! she is such a wonderful girl and I love her so much. Keep being amazing gurl! (Kelsey's birthday is Sept. 19)

I love hearing about my friends too dad, thank you for sending me their letters. Seeing how many of my good friends are out in the field getting their personalized spiritual workout makes me so happy. I can't wait to reunite with them and have more good times. Just a side note, I miss BYU. The weather here has cooled down and it gets me so trunky! It reminds me of all the things I did back in first semester. Such good times!  

I love Elder Pape and Elder Tanner so much. That's so crazy that mom has already blogged with both of their moms haha.

Elder Tanner is the tall dark hair. We stay up too late talking haha.

Lastly that camaro reminded me of my best friend so much that I couldn't pass it up. I hope he sees that picture!

Love you so much family!

Introducing Elder Marchello

September 9, 2013

Here he is! Straight from the Mexico MTC
Sending me that GPS was just fantastic and I am so grateful that you paid the extra money for next day shipping. Those things save lives and the work gets done so much better with them. I can't thank you enough. It almost get tears out of me to know that you have my back on the other side of the country like that. It's more than just the money you use for me. Thank you.

Elder Marchello and Elder Fivas
I don't usually read Elder Boekweg's blog so yes please keep sending it in the "dear elders". I love the letters, dad. They make me so very happy and I love hearing what's going on. You sound super happy with a great life. Good deal baby. 

I love that the family is visiting you all up there and taking advantage of the fun. 

One of my favorite people on the planet
 and my new zone leader Elder Barnett
Thank you so much for taking care of the Spanish Elders [serving here in Idaho]. Tell them I say "hi". Keep them fed and happy. The Eddy family takes care of us like that. I love them so much. The Eastgate ward rocks. 

City BBQ
Man this last week has been brutal on me but I am loving the growth! I keep getting the best companions and Elder Marchello is impressing me every time we are out working. Now that Elder Arveseth is gone it makes me appreciate all of the calls and behind the scene things that he did to set up success. I am very happy to be in EastCherry still and really would love to stay here the rest of my mission, it wouldn't bother me at all. 

I love training! I am the best missionary that I have been so far in my mission and I know God is helping me to help super Elder Marchello. The numbers for last week were pretty low though. It was a little disheartening but I know things will rocket up if I keep on the path that I am going. I can feel the spirit guide me everywhere I go and the work feels good and my studies are the best they've been. I receive revelation for my investigators. Life is good! 
Ewin y Edin

We have been dishing out a lot of referrals to the English Elders and with God's help we helped them get 3 new investigators with 3 people at church in Eastgate and someone on date in Norwood YSA as well as two new investigators in Norwood. It looks like to me that God gave me Spanish work to challenge me because English would be too easy. That was a joke ;) One of the referrals kept calling me Pastor Fivas in the lesson with the other Elders. I like the ring of that, maybe I will go to school for this so I can get paid to minister. Why not? Also a joke.

Well I got my greenie in on the idea for "feet-in-the-tub" study by the way. He is so great! I got the best son for sure!

Con amor, Elder Fivas

P.S. That's Ben from the Eddy family with the cat they found in a bush. So cute.

Transfers: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

September 4, 2013 

The one with me making the face was a
freak accident candid picture. Cool right?
Hey howdy, hey family! Well you probably guessed [its] transfer weeks because I haven't emailed you yet! I have some crazy news! Elder Arveseth and I are finally parting ways and it is quite sad. I get to stay in this nice new apartment (we moved to a different apartment) and we have no idea where Elder Arveseth will be. Well of course we have speculation but as Elder Oaks said, that doesn't matter at all. So my new address is 4025 Vinings Dr Apt 159 Cincy OH 45245 but I am still in the same awesome ward.

Crazier news is that I will be a trainer. Elder Arveseth too. I can't believe it, I am very excited. I thought I was too young to have a son but there are a lot of missionaries coming in so I am up for it :)

Investigator family and our Spanish group in the ward
with our investigator Doris and her son
So parents I will need a Garmin GPS pretty soon. I might just buy one but I would rather have you buy it :) :) And by pretty soon I mean please send me one on express the day you read this if it isn't ridiculous to ship. :) Haha I love you parents!

So we have been living in a 4-pad for a couple days and I love it. It is so much fun but so hard to concentrate. Reminds me of BYU haha.

So the Wood family let me know that Dustin Cook is heading to Mesa on a mission! That is so dope and I am so happy for him. 

Also mom, about that article about that missionary [who survived the train accident in] Spain yeah I know him. I had some classes with him :P Crazy!

Also mom there is a Ohio Cincy mission facebook page. Sister Porter loves pictures. Check me out and tag me! 

I am just so happy and I feel the love, everyone! I am pumped for Kelsey back in Idaho and and I am pumped for Sadie at the greatest University in the planet. Life is good and God is perfectly great. The Book of Mormon is the greatest thing ever, even better than Call Of Duty Ghosts on the new XBOX One coming out. 

I will tell you how training goes. The families in Norwood are great. I am going to miss them so badly. The one on the couch is Carlos' family. The one by the stairs are some "eternagators" and the Ortiz family.

Much love,
Elder Fivas