They Deserve All-Star Missionaries

August 12, 2013

Hey mom! I totally forgot to answer your questions from your letter. [How often do you eat out? How often do you get dinner appointments?] Recently we have been eating out maybe four or five times a week  (lunch and dinner) because we have a 30-minute commute to our proselyting area every day and we can't really take advantage of this awesome ward's generosity to feed us. We still get one or two member dinners though and they are always great.

I actually cooked up that Fettuccine [you sent me] last night and it rocked! Thank you so so much!

 This week has been tough but have I sure grown! I have come to the realization that the mission is like God's perfect workout, tailored to each of his children. It can really stretch you but you grow in a way that only God can help you with. Repentance hurts but it brings more fruit! 

 The Eastgate Ward is just stellar and I feel like I am trying to reach the mark that they are at as a ward! I am very grateful to be here. They deserve all-star missionaries and that is what I am determined to be. I have come closer to my Savior as I have learned that I really can't be that all-star missionary without completely relying on Him. Grace is a power that I am not sure I will ever fully understand, and I am more grateful for it the more I learn about it. 

Elder Arveseth
 I absolutely love Elder Arveseth and things just get better everyday. I am learning more quickly every day how to overcome differences in opinion and being unified. God seems to be blessing us with more responsibility too as we become a better companionship.

  Here are some pictures that I missed sending last week. Man time flies but I sure have 6 months of memories! Most of which are written down! That's right every day, just like Cameron Hodge told me to. So that way I can catch up [with] what went down without having to email it all haha!

Practicing my putting... at lunch of course.
It worked, I shot -13 today to win! Frolf forever!
  The [Idaho remodeled] kitchen looks fantastic and I can't believe the transformation! I love your letters so much! The pictures are fantastic and makes me that much more excited to come back to you! But I would not trade my time in Cincinnati for anything!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Fivas