August 19, 2013

Hahaha I noticed that you posted a bunch of the selfies that I took. It makes me look like a tool! I take them as jokes just so everyone knows!

This week has been super great and super thought provoking! I had zone conference and our Spanish zone leader Elder Carranza was with us. I learned a lot, but mostly I have become a slightly better teacher. Inspired questions are the key to discernment, and scriptures are the key to helping students understand for themselves the principles of the gospel.

Life is good and so are Guatemalan enchiladas. Free snowies for the Elders also rock. And yes mom, I get enough to eat. It turns out that pasta is super cheap, even the sauce and I happen to love it all baby.

The work in Norwood is going a little slower than I had hoped but we are still going on the upward. We had an investigator at church this Sunday which hasn't happened here in Spanish for a while. Norwood is cool, I am sending a picture. By the way mom, Elder McMichael and Gunnoe are the other Elders with Dak, not in the picture you labeled them :P
Dak's Baptism

I was pumped to hear about your new callings and I know you will do great! And has anybody heard what Uncle Danny is up to nowadays? Probably sneaking off to Peru to see Gunner [Elder Logan Thomas]...

Is there anyway you can have D&C 38:32 on my missionary plaque if you haven't already ordered it? It is so cool for me. ["Wherefore, for this cause I gave unto you the commandment that ye should go to the Ohio; and there I will give unto you my law; and there you shall be endowed with power from on high"]

Frolf with Elder Barnett and Elder Campbell

Ok, that's it from me!

Love you all tons,
Elder Fivas

P.S. Also Elder Oaks is coming to talk to our mission next Sunday. Yeah baby I am pumped.