P-Day's Mean Frisbee Golf!

August 5, 2013

That's the Ohio river and Kentucky is on the other side by the way.
I played some great frisbee golf today but more importantly I can't tell you how much your thoughtful care package touched my heart. Thank you so much, everything was perfect. **Our package included his hair gel, his watch he sent us to have fixed, a chicken alfredo dinner-in-a-box, photos, an insurance card, his frizbee golf set from Idaho, and Golden Oreos.  Unfortunately we could not find any Arizona Lemonade!**

My last P-day rocked and so has this one. Last week we went as a district to a member's awesome house and had some delicious BBQ dogs and hamburgers and fun corn [whole]. 

I feel a little bad when I write about my fun stuff because two of the people I care about most are down in Peru working as hard as me without the luxury of the states. My prayers go out to Elder Thomas and Elder Boekweg but I know the Lord is giving them exactly what they need. Their letters and stories make me laugh :P

Dak got baptized last week and we were able to go! It was awesome and she is so solid. Not much to say more than it was just a really great time.

I was looking through some old Liahona's like my friends suggested and I found my blurb [in the Question and Answer section] in the Dec 2011 issue in Spanish. Haha it was awesome! Just like my buddy Elder Rugg told me, I was preaching the Gospel in Spanish before I even had my mission call.

After our district meeting down in Kentucky with some other Spanish Elders, Elder Carranza (who was born in Guatemala) actually commented that he really likes my accent. That made me feel pretty great. He says it sounds Mexican but not quite and he digs it. I love phrases that Mexicans use haha. 

I noticed that Elder Thomas mentioned Uncle Brian's advice of really enjoying things that you like on your mission... So I have taken the wonderful habit of soaking my feet in a hot bath tub while for either personal or language study haha. I will have to take a picture to show you all how ridiculous I look but man it feels good. 
Road Trip to a District Meeting in Kentucky

Ok I love you all! And I am sorry for taking so long on writing back hand written letters, I will find time for it!

Elder Fivas