A Visit With Elder Dallin H. Oaks

August 26, 2013
That's our backyard

SO Elder Oaks was way great. I got to shake his hand and feel the power of the spirit he carries. I always thought he was such a serious guy and looked a lot like a bull dog but man he is so light and funny! Great guy and very personable. He smiles a lot more when he is not on TV. He actually mentioned that in one of the sessions of stake conference. His kids tell him he never smiles in General Conference and he says it's because he's scared of the people behind him and scared of the people in front of him! He said "what is there to smile about?!" Funny guy. His voice seriously booms too, it is the most powerful voice I have heard, it's so cool.

I am very grateful to have Elder Arveseth as my companion and I learn so much from him. I am amazed at the difference that 3 months in the field makes in wisdom and ability. Lately he has helped me focus on the doctrine of things and the "why's" of the commitments we extend. It goes back to understanding doctrine and changing behavior because of that. I want to follow God's commandments but it is hard to think back to what had to change for me to make that happen. That is what I am focusing on in order to teach doctrines to make powerful invitations to act. Once again, Elder Arveseth is a great example of doing that.

One other thing that I have come to really appreciate is re-practicing. I have always done role-plays like we should but I would muscle through it and check the box more or less. Something that President Porter said last Monday on a conference call was to make sure we practice a lot. I have applied this and boy does it make a difference! I get more comfortable and things go much smoother over all when you practice until you are getting it right and not just passing role plays like a kidney stone. Nice imagery right?

Uncle Danny emailed me and that was great just so everyone knows. Also Uncle Larry did too and that was great as well.

Goodbye to Elder Saunders
I loved your letter this week dad! Sounds like great times had by all! Elder Oaks was actually serving as a Gospel Doctrine teacher in Provo when he was called to be an Apostle. High Council should be cake ;) I can't believe Jessie and Gavin are that old already! Loved the pictures of them. I also love Elder Beck and was extremely flattered that he would take some time to email my parents.

Well that's what I can remember about last week and I don't have much time left. Love you bye!

And here is my district and some service pictures. We collected food for Feed Ohio

-Elder Fivas

A centipede we had in our apartment