Things Are Picking Up

July 15, 2013

Mission life is good! This last week has been a blast and of course quite the learning experience. I learned more about why sometimes I am unhappy when I have little disagreements with my companions. It drives the spirit away when there is contention! Boy I can't believe that it took me so long to realize that but I have learned that life is awful when you don't have the spirit! It makes it a lot easier to fix what is broken when you identify what is causing the spirit to be turned away. I am very glad God is so patient with us. 

Whenever I have the feelings to keep keep my mouth shut, I instantly recognize that I need to open it up and talk. I have really seen the difference that it makes when I do more little things and focus harder on not passing anyone up. How could I be selfish and keep this soul saving message to myself right? 

The daily indicator goals have become a much bigger part of my life since Zone Conference. I understand better that God will make things happen if you are out showing faith and you have really sought to know His will the night before for daily indicators. Faith is an action. I know it now more than I ever have. 

I don't have much time and I have no pictures from last week :( But I did have one of the happiest moments of my life last week. 

It was after basketball in the morning on an exchange with the Hamilton Elders. I was just feeling great about being a missionary and it was a beautiful morning and the sun was over all of the green hills and fields and I was with my friends. We listened to this song with the windows rolled down and all was right in the world for those three and a half minutes.

I love you all so much and love hearing from you.

Love Elder Fivas

P.S. Well I am off to my zone day fun day! I love and miss you tons! But I am doing some real good work out here man, things are picking up :D