The new Cincinnati Mission

July 8, 2013

 **Side note** While visiting with Erin, our Ragnar team captain, I found out that her brother was serving in the same mission as Brayden!  What a small world.  Elder Beck is an AP to President Nilsen and stayed with the Columbus, Ohio mission.**

My goodness! Fun week! I loved getting the letter from mom about Ragnar. It sounds like Elder Thomas and I should definitely hit up the next one. And Elder Beck is the cooliest! He is a champ! He is still in Columbus but man, he has said things to me that spoke to my soul. I look up to him so much! He knows the scriptures like nobody I have ever met and I want to be like him. You can totally tell his sister who I am and Elder Beck would know exactly who Elder Fivas is. 

Elder Arveseth
Anyways! Last week for pday we went to CiCi's and I loved it. It is all you can eat pizza pasta and salad like PizzaPieCafe but it's only 5 bucks! Not as tasty but it rocks. Speaking of 5, that's how many months I have been out now but who is counting? 

Elder Fivas and Ms. Clark
I had some sweet service opportunities this week including bush trimming, which I got to use hand clippers for the most part! I actually did pretty good but it is more than likely just God blessing his daughter through me :P Her name is Ms. Clark and she is in very great shape for being 86 or so! She does 60 jumping jacks every morning. I think it's cause she is from New York for all of her life until she retired. She's cool. 

The new mission president is extremely cool as well! I love him and his wife and son. They came and talked to us and gave us exciting history about Cincinnati and the Saints. He is ready to go and even though [he] is different from President Nilsen I like him a lot.

"Nice Job Elder Arveseth!"
"Looks good Elder Fivas!"
The biggest lesson I learned from him so far is that we always need to open our mouths. Satan does everything he can to prevent us from just doing that. When young brother Joseph tried praying, Satan tried to bind his tongue. Every time I feel like not talking to someone, I do :P And I have already seen the blessings from it and the potential investigators are building. 

We met a guy from Spain and he spoke beautifully. He didn't want to listen to us though haha. That was on the 4th of July which was fun here.

July 4th hot dogs
It has been raining for 5 days straight or so including the 4th. I still saw some neighborhood fireworks from our apartment though so I was happy. We bought an apple pie and ice cream to celebrate and of course we ate hot dogs. That and we went to Steak&Shake for lunch which was fantastic. Should have gotten pictures!
Apple Pie on the 4th of July

Finally Dak is just awesome. She is on date for the 23rd and can't wait. She just astounds us. We texted her a scripture and and she texted back that she prayed and read it and prayed again then read the whole chapter and prayed to close. She is too great.

On fast Sunday she got up and bore her testimony and told the whole ward that it's all true and that she was so happy we found her. She even told everyone that she can't wait to be baptized. We found out later that she told everyone on facebook too and her family. Woo-hoo!

I was even blessed with a perfect picture of her by a duck crossing sign. That was definitely God blessing me with something silly that I wanted. 

I love you all so much! I will probably forget something when I log off but oh well :P

Con amor,
Elder Fivas