Stansbury Missionary Newsletter

July 29, 2013

**Jamie Anderson is a missionary mom to Hunter Anderson who is serving in Taiwan.  Every three months she compiles a newsletter about a group of friends from Stansbury High that are now serving as missionaries.  This is so they can stay in touch with each other.  The following are her questions.**

1. Best food Eaten?  So the best food that I have eaten really is just Five Guys and Taco Bell. I love being in America for that. Also White Castle rocks and we need them in Utah. Plus I had the best sloppy joe of my life from one of the members. I get to eat a lot of great things now that I think about it! Arizona Golden Bear drinks are the trophies of the mission. Every missionary loves them and they are only a buck! I wish I appreciated Arizonas before my mission!

2. Grossest/Strangest Food Eaten?  The weirdest thing that I have eaten is these giant ants. They look like really big bees and they are roasted and salted. They come from Guatemala and they are expensive because the ants are only harvested once a year. They just taste like pumpkin seeds but the legs get stuck in between your teeth.

3. Best P-Day Activity?  The best P-day activity has been a great game of sand volleyball and some really fun Frisbee golf. I have come to LOVE Frisbee golf.

4. Any accidents or injuries?  The only injury I had was my appendicitis in the MTC...

5. Longest Walk or Bike Ride?  The longest bike day I have had was about 18 miles or so. It was fun.

6. Strangest Animal or Bug Seen (or eaten hahah)? The strangest animal I have seen was these cool little sugar gliders. Plus I played with some guys ferret while we talked to him. Nothing too interesting there. Oh, but Fireflies out here in the east are dope!

7. Any Miracles? Great or Small. Miracles happen every day. There are thousands of tender mercies and plenty of light spots to combat all of the cruddy stuff. Heavenly Father really watches out for you. The best miracle that happened to me is when we happened to knock into Dak. (pronounced Duck)

8. Favorite Missionary Experience.  My favorite missionary experience was with Dak. She is from American Samoa and her real name is Utumalefata but she prefers Dak. She let us in after I introduced her to members that lived in the same complex. Long story short, the second lesson was just perfect. So I asked her "why [is] all of what we talked about important?" and she asked "what [do you] mean?" I asked "like why is the Book of Mormon important and Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ?" Then she sat back and said, "oh because it's true." My heart skipped a beat. I kept my cool though don't worry. I asked her what she meant and she said, "Jesus is real, he really lives and I know he exists." I loved hearing her short testimony, then I pressed on, "And what about the Book of Mormon? Do you feel like you have your answer from God?" She said "Well I know it's true too. After you left I prayed again and I knew it was all true. I pray over all my meals now and every morning on my way to work." So that was the best part of my mission. She is getting baptized tomorrow and even though we got doubled out, we still get to go back and watch it.

9. Testimony and/or feelings about your mission so far (or yet to come). Missions rock. The Book of Mormon is not something that is to be taken for granted. It is true and the world needs it more than anything. I am extremely happy. Funny things make the world go around and there are millions of funny things in life. Faith is hard work. God takes care of you. This is my humble testimony and I leave it with vosotros en el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.

I think of all of you muchas veces and I hope your mission experiences are as good as mine! I have a feeling they are ;) Os quiero!