Now in Cincy Mish!!

July 1, 2013

First day of the new mission. Crazy biz everyone! I had a lot to say but I am out of time. I don't even have that many pictures :P 

Dak is just the greatest and most prepared investigator ever. She should be getting baptized this month. She even invited friends to church. Someone at her work asked her if she was Mormon and she said, "no but all I have to do is go to church 3 times then I will be!" Yee-haw!
Wedding reception leftovers?

We got leftovers from a wedding reception and I ate dried out giant ants. It's all good. Gotta love Hawaiians and Guatemalans.  

Elder Arveseth and I came across a Jewish woman the other day and her words really beat on my spirit. I couldn't believe that someone believed that Jesus Christ existed but was not the Savior of the world. It solidified my testimony even more, because I know that Jesus Christ really is our Savior. I really know it. And I won't believe anyone that tells me he isn't. This work brings me great joy. 

Something that I have been working on this past week to better myself as a missionary is to memorize the scripture references to back up the doctrine that we teach. The scriptures are powerful and I can see and feel a difference as I teach from them more.

The people I meet here are great. I love my companion. The Spanish is coming slowly, but it is coming. 

Alright Pictures!
-Elder Fivas

p.s. Syline Chili out here rocks! Great chili dogs
"The Waddler" s (?)