New Chapter

July 24, 2013
Elder Fivas, Dak, Elder Arveseth

I mentioned that the work is really getting going out here in the Miami River 2 area last week and that it is! 

Last week our zone set some new zone records and we had a lot of baptisms. Unfortunately Dak's baptism had to be moved to the 30th but that's ok. 

Dak and our investigator Victor,
 who was a Marine. Oo-rah
Well, now that we are starting to get things moving and figured out the Lord knows it's time for a change, (Haha) we are getting doubled out tomorrow! So here we go, I have no idea where I will be and who I will be with, but man I know who I am going to miss. De hecho (in fact), 5 companionships in our zone are getting doubled out... That's quite a bit of rearranging! I am pumped! 
Kieffer Family and Elder Arveseth

Also, Monopoly at McD's is back! I love and miss Monopoly haha.
Me role playing someone
 answering the door :P

So mom, I am running low on hair gel if you are feeling generous and want to give your little boy all that he can to show off his good looks, I need Redkin for Men again haha. But first I would have to know where I will be living next week. I might even be in Indiana or Kentucky!

Also, I broke down and bought a frisbee golf disc but if you want to give me a driver and a putter then that would be cool too.

I love you so much mom and dad and I enjoy your letters so much! I bet dad knows what I am feeling. Plus I love pictures of what the family is up to so thank you for putting them in your letters mom. 

With the familia de Victor Diaz!
(Kelsey Johnson is getting married) So is it Kelsey Gibby now? Haha that is so crazy! Plus Chris (Boehmer) is going to marry Phoenix huh? Can't say I didn't expect it or didn't root for it ;P Changes are just getting to be a bigger and bigger part of your life as you get older! Haha like I know, I am only 19. 

So, lately I have been thinking a lot about potential. To be honest I was thinking quite selfishly about my potential. I feel like I have something special to give and an imprint that I am supposed to leave on the mission and everyone that I come into contact with. My question was, "How do I reach that potential and how do I do it quickly?". I am confident God has a plan for me. I realized throughout the week and especially during the conference call on Monday, that my potential will be reached as I strive to be more like Christ. It is hard to explain things in my mind and heart when I don't even understand them fully, but I know that I will be the missionary God knows I can be. Not as I try to look for "my potential" but rather as I constantly push forward to become more like Jesus Christ. Maybe my potential is just that, to leave the impact that Christ would. 

I am glad to know that God is so mindful of us all. I am also glad to know that the Book of Mormon is true, I don't care who tells me that it isn't. It is. 

Dak was actually challenged by President Porter to read all of the Book of Mormon before her baptism next week so Elder Arveseth and I took the challenge too. I have to read about 75.89 pages a day in order to do it and I have loved the challenge. I read about a page a minute and boy you learn so much by flying through it! Don't get me wrong, it is not the best long term study habit but man, I am understanding the bigger picture of God's plan and Doctrine and the stories of the Book of Mormon so much better! It is such a great book!! Don't you dare ever take it for granted and make sure you read from it every single day. 

So one of our part member families who I love to death are all into Naruto. Yeah I knew this family rocks. 

Ok family, I will be back online next Monday! I should know where I live by then :P

Con Amor,
 Elder Fivas

Elder Thompson and Johnson with their convert Edith
 who is actually moving to Peru this week. We got her in time ;)