East Cherry Spanish

July 29, 2013

My new address is!
4032 Brandychase Way Apt. 155
Cincinnati, OH  45245

I am in a part of Cincinnati called Eastgate. The members here are very very missionary minded and they absolutely rock. East side is very pretty and I am happy here. I actually got doubled in with Elder Arveseth so we are still together. Google my address ;)

I actually have a special assignment from President. We are one of 3 companionships working only in Spanish now. Elder Arveseth and I drive to Norwood almost every day and we are working to set up a branch in Norwood. We are trying some new slower ways of teaching and I am supposed to do anything I can to become Hispanic. We can even watch ESPN Deportes so I can know more about futbol because that is huge in their culture. I have to speak much more Spanish now and eat what they eat and just do things like that. It is an honor to be used for such an ambitious mission. Just you wait, I will come back weird, don't worry. Maybe even as weird as Elder Boekweg.

I have a bunch of pictures but we are still pretty jumbled right now so I don't know if I will have time to send them. This is fun and crazy!

I love you and I will send you more if I have more time.

Elder Fivas