East Cherry Spanish

July 29, 2013

My new address is!
4032 Brandychase Way Apt. 155
Cincinnati, OH  45245

I am in a part of Cincinnati called Eastgate. The members here are very very missionary minded and they absolutely rock. East side is very pretty and I am happy here. I actually got doubled in with Elder Arveseth so we are still together. Google my address ;)

I actually have a special assignment from President. We are one of 3 companionships working only in Spanish now. Elder Arveseth and I drive to Norwood almost every day and we are working to set up a branch in Norwood. We are trying some new slower ways of teaching and I am supposed to do anything I can to become Hispanic. We can even watch ESPN Deportes so I can know more about futbol because that is huge in their culture. I have to speak much more Spanish now and eat what they eat and just do things like that. It is an honor to be used for such an ambitious mission. Just you wait, I will come back weird, don't worry. Maybe even as weird as Elder Boekweg.

I have a bunch of pictures but we are still pretty jumbled right now so I don't know if I will have time to send them. This is fun and crazy!

I love you and I will send you more if I have more time.

Elder Fivas

Stansbury Missionary Newsletter

July 29, 2013

**Jamie Anderson is a missionary mom to Hunter Anderson who is serving in Taiwan.  Every three months she compiles a newsletter about a group of friends from Stansbury High that are now serving as missionaries.  This is so they can stay in touch with each other.  The following are her questions.**

1. Best food Eaten?  So the best food that I have eaten really is just Five Guys and Taco Bell. I love being in America for that. Also White Castle rocks and we need them in Utah. Plus I had the best sloppy joe of my life from one of the members. I get to eat a lot of great things now that I think about it! Arizona Golden Bear drinks are the trophies of the mission. Every missionary loves them and they are only a buck! I wish I appreciated Arizonas before my mission!

2. Grossest/Strangest Food Eaten?  The weirdest thing that I have eaten is these giant ants. They look like really big bees and they are roasted and salted. They come from Guatemala and they are expensive because the ants are only harvested once a year. They just taste like pumpkin seeds but the legs get stuck in between your teeth.

3. Best P-Day Activity?  The best P-day activity has been a great game of sand volleyball and some really fun Frisbee golf. I have come to LOVE Frisbee golf.

4. Any accidents or injuries?  The only injury I had was my appendicitis in the MTC...

5. Longest Walk or Bike Ride?  The longest bike day I have had was about 18 miles or so. It was fun.

6. Strangest Animal or Bug Seen (or eaten hahah)? The strangest animal I have seen was these cool little sugar gliders. Plus I played with some guys ferret while we talked to him. Nothing too interesting there. Oh, but Fireflies out here in the east are dope!

7. Any Miracles? Great or Small. Miracles happen every day. There are thousands of tender mercies and plenty of light spots to combat all of the cruddy stuff. Heavenly Father really watches out for you. The best miracle that happened to me is when we happened to knock into Dak. (pronounced Duck)

8. Favorite Missionary Experience.  My favorite missionary experience was with Dak. She is from American Samoa and her real name is Utumalefata but she prefers Dak. She let us in after I introduced her to members that lived in the same complex. Long story short, the second lesson was just perfect. So I asked her "why [is] all of what we talked about important?" and she asked "what [do you] mean?" I asked "like why is the Book of Mormon important and Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ?" Then she sat back and said, "oh because it's true." My heart skipped a beat. I kept my cool though don't worry. I asked her what she meant and she said, "Jesus is real, he really lives and I know he exists." I loved hearing her short testimony, then I pressed on, "And what about the Book of Mormon? Do you feel like you have your answer from God?" She said "Well I know it's true too. After you left I prayed again and I knew it was all true. I pray over all my meals now and every morning on my way to work." So that was the best part of my mission. She is getting baptized tomorrow and even though we got doubled out, we still get to go back and watch it.

9. Testimony and/or feelings about your mission so far (or yet to come). Missions rock. The Book of Mormon is not something that is to be taken for granted. It is true and the world needs it more than anything. I am extremely happy. Funny things make the world go around and there are millions of funny things in life. Faith is hard work. God takes care of you. This is my humble testimony and I leave it with vosotros en el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.

I think of all of you muchas veces and I hope your mission experiences are as good as mine! I have a feeling they are ;) Os quiero!

New Chapter

July 24, 2013
Elder Fivas, Dak, Elder Arveseth

I mentioned that the work is really getting going out here in the Miami River 2 area last week and that it is! 

Last week our zone set some new zone records and we had a lot of baptisms. Unfortunately Dak's baptism had to be moved to the 30th but that's ok. 

Dak and our investigator Victor,
 who was a Marine. Oo-rah
Well, now that we are starting to get things moving and figured out the Lord knows it's time for a change, (Haha) we are getting doubled out tomorrow! So here we go, I have no idea where I will be and who I will be with, but man I know who I am going to miss. De hecho (in fact), 5 companionships in our zone are getting doubled out... That's quite a bit of rearranging! I am pumped! 
Kieffer Family and Elder Arveseth

Also, Monopoly at McD's is back! I love and miss Monopoly haha.
Me role playing someone
 answering the door :P

So mom, I am running low on hair gel if you are feeling generous and want to give your little boy all that he can to show off his good looks, I need Redkin for Men again haha. But first I would have to know where I will be living next week. I might even be in Indiana or Kentucky!

Also, I broke down and bought a frisbee golf disc but if you want to give me a driver and a putter then that would be cool too.

I love you so much mom and dad and I enjoy your letters so much! I bet dad knows what I am feeling. Plus I love pictures of what the family is up to so thank you for putting them in your letters mom. 

With the familia de Victor Diaz!
(Kelsey Johnson is getting married) So is it Kelsey Gibby now? Haha that is so crazy! Plus Chris (Boehmer) is going to marry Phoenix huh? Can't say I didn't expect it or didn't root for it ;P Changes are just getting to be a bigger and bigger part of your life as you get older! Haha like I know, I am only 19. 

So, lately I have been thinking a lot about potential. To be honest I was thinking quite selfishly about my potential. I feel like I have something special to give and an imprint that I am supposed to leave on the mission and everyone that I come into contact with. My question was, "How do I reach that potential and how do I do it quickly?". I am confident God has a plan for me. I realized throughout the week and especially during the conference call on Monday, that my potential will be reached as I strive to be more like Christ. It is hard to explain things in my mind and heart when I don't even understand them fully, but I know that I will be the missionary God knows I can be. Not as I try to look for "my potential" but rather as I constantly push forward to become more like Jesus Christ. Maybe my potential is just that, to leave the impact that Christ would. 

I am glad to know that God is so mindful of us all. I am also glad to know that the Book of Mormon is true, I don't care who tells me that it isn't. It is. 

Dak was actually challenged by President Porter to read all of the Book of Mormon before her baptism next week so Elder Arveseth and I took the challenge too. I have to read about 75.89 pages a day in order to do it and I have loved the challenge. I read about a page a minute and boy you learn so much by flying through it! Don't get me wrong, it is not the best long term study habit but man, I am understanding the bigger picture of God's plan and Doctrine and the stories of the Book of Mormon so much better! It is such a great book!! Don't you dare ever take it for granted and make sure you read from it every single day. 

So one of our part member families who I love to death are all into Naruto. Yeah I knew this family rocks. 

Ok family, I will be back online next Monday! I should know where I live by then :P

Con Amor,
 Elder Fivas

Elder Thompson and Johnson with their convert Edith
 who is actually moving to Peru this week. We got her in time ;)

Things Are Picking Up

July 15, 2013

Mission life is good! This last week has been a blast and of course quite the learning experience. I learned more about why sometimes I am unhappy when I have little disagreements with my companions. It drives the spirit away when there is contention! Boy I can't believe that it took me so long to realize that but I have learned that life is awful when you don't have the spirit! It makes it a lot easier to fix what is broken when you identify what is causing the spirit to be turned away. I am very glad God is so patient with us. 

Whenever I have the feelings to keep keep my mouth shut, I instantly recognize that I need to open it up and talk. I have really seen the difference that it makes when I do more little things and focus harder on not passing anyone up. How could I be selfish and keep this soul saving message to myself right? 

The daily indicator goals have become a much bigger part of my life since Zone Conference. I understand better that God will make things happen if you are out showing faith and you have really sought to know His will the night before for daily indicators. Faith is an action. I know it now more than I ever have. 

I don't have much time and I have no pictures from last week :( But I did have one of the happiest moments of my life last week. 

It was after basketball in the morning on an exchange with the Hamilton Elders. I was just feeling great about being a missionary and it was a beautiful morning and the sun was over all of the green hills and fields and I was with my friends. We listened to this song with the windows rolled down and all was right in the world for those three and a half minutes.

I love you all so much and love hearing from you.

Love Elder Fivas

P.S. Well I am off to my zone day fun day! I love and miss you tons! But I am doing some real good work out here man, things are picking up :D

The new Cincinnati Mission

July 8, 2013

 **Side note** While visiting with Erin, our Ragnar team captain, I found out that her brother was serving in the same mission as Brayden!  What a small world.  Elder Beck is an AP to President Nilsen and stayed with the Columbus, Ohio mission.**

My goodness! Fun week! I loved getting the letter from mom about Ragnar. It sounds like Elder Thomas and I should definitely hit up the next one. And Elder Beck is the cooliest! He is a champ! He is still in Columbus but man, he has said things to me that spoke to my soul. I look up to him so much! He knows the scriptures like nobody I have ever met and I want to be like him. You can totally tell his sister who I am and Elder Beck would know exactly who Elder Fivas is. 

Elder Arveseth
Anyways! Last week for pday we went to CiCi's and I loved it. It is all you can eat pizza pasta and salad like PizzaPieCafe but it's only 5 bucks! Not as tasty but it rocks. Speaking of 5, that's how many months I have been out now but who is counting? 

Elder Fivas and Ms. Clark
I had some sweet service opportunities this week including bush trimming, which I got to use hand clippers for the most part! I actually did pretty good but it is more than likely just God blessing his daughter through me :P Her name is Ms. Clark and she is in very great shape for being 86 or so! She does 60 jumping jacks every morning. I think it's cause she is from New York for all of her life until she retired. She's cool. 

The new mission president is extremely cool as well! I love him and his wife and son. They came and talked to us and gave us exciting history about Cincinnati and the Saints. He is ready to go and even though [he] is different from President Nilsen I like him a lot.

"Nice Job Elder Arveseth!"
"Looks good Elder Fivas!"
The biggest lesson I learned from him so far is that we always need to open our mouths. Satan does everything he can to prevent us from just doing that. When young brother Joseph tried praying, Satan tried to bind his tongue. Every time I feel like not talking to someone, I do :P And I have already seen the blessings from it and the potential investigators are building. 

We met a guy from Spain and he spoke beautifully. He didn't want to listen to us though haha. That was on the 4th of July which was fun here.

July 4th hot dogs
It has been raining for 5 days straight or so including the 4th. I still saw some neighborhood fireworks from our apartment though so I was happy. We bought an apple pie and ice cream to celebrate and of course we ate hot dogs. That and we went to Steak&Shake for lunch which was fantastic. Should have gotten pictures!
Apple Pie on the 4th of July

Finally Dak is just awesome. She is on date for the 23rd and can't wait. She just astounds us. We texted her a scripture and and she texted back that she prayed and read it and prayed again then read the whole chapter and prayed to close. She is too great.

On fast Sunday she got up and bore her testimony and told the whole ward that it's all true and that she was so happy we found her. She even told everyone that she can't wait to be baptized. We found out later that she told everyone on facebook too and her family. Woo-hoo!

I was even blessed with a perfect picture of her by a duck crossing sign. That was definitely God blessing me with something silly that I wanted. 

I love you all so much! I will probably forget something when I log off but oh well :P

Con amor,
Elder Fivas

Now in Cincy Mish!!

July 1, 2013

First day of the new mission. Crazy biz everyone! I had a lot to say but I am out of time. I don't even have that many pictures :P 

Dak is just the greatest and most prepared investigator ever. She should be getting baptized this month. She even invited friends to church. Someone at her work asked her if she was Mormon and she said, "no but all I have to do is go to church 3 times then I will be!" Yee-haw!
Wedding reception leftovers?

We got leftovers from a wedding reception and I ate dried out giant ants. It's all good. Gotta love Hawaiians and Guatemalans.  

Elder Arveseth and I came across a Jewish woman the other day and her words really beat on my spirit. I couldn't believe that someone believed that Jesus Christ existed but was not the Savior of the world. It solidified my testimony even more, because I know that Jesus Christ really is our Savior. I really know it. And I won't believe anyone that tells me he isn't. This work brings me great joy. 

Something that I have been working on this past week to better myself as a missionary is to memorize the scripture references to back up the doctrine that we teach. The scriptures are powerful and I can see and feel a difference as I teach from them more.

The people I meet here are great. I love my companion. The Spanish is coming slowly, but it is coming. 

Alright Pictures!
-Elder Fivas

p.s. Syline Chili out here rocks! Great chili dogs
"The Waddler" s (?)