Mormon Tabernacle Choir Road Trip

Elder Fivas and Elder Homewood
June 12, 2013

Today we are going to drive up to Columbus to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Oh I am so pumped! They showed us this awesome video to get us even more excited. What a great way to end a P-day right? It is over two hours of a drive though. Even more fun! The lame sauce part is that we aren't staying the night with Elder Homewood up in Columbus so we don't get to see him off at his last transfer meeting. Today is goodbye. I am going to miss him.
Elder Arveseth and Elder Fivas

The good news is that Elder Arveseth [and I] are staying together. Yeah baby! That means that unless there is some crazy surprise, I will be in the new Cincinnati mission. We are going to have so much fun and grow so much. He only has two more transfers under his belt than I do. Spanish will be a little harder without the veteran but we can do it :) 

We have a mini missionary this week which makes us 4. His name is Elder Snarr and he is sweet! The mini missionary is teaching me so much. He tries very hard and that is so good to see. I learn the things that i can really improve on when I see him teach and role play.
Elders Homewood, Snarr, Fivas, Arveseth
Elders Snarr, Fivas, Homewood

This week the biggest thing that I have learned is that we need to hit the mark. How are we supposed to hit the mark if we don't know what that is right? So I am going to refocus on finding the mark for my investigators so I can hit it. The work is slow for our area but God always brightens our day with blessings too numerous to count. It's hard to be discouraged when you see the Lord's hand in the good parts of your day. His will be done!
So lately my favorite hymn has changed. Far above any other hymn, I like "Come Come Ye Saints". Have you people read the words?! It gives my soul strength and gusto, even more so than a good hamburger! Speaking of which, I had my first White Castle trip! I love those little burgers!! My companions were too chicken to try one but man they are missing out. You all are, actually. :P Elder Arveseth took a video of it but I don't know how I could send it to you without having to send you the memory card. Yeah, I love discovering new deliciousness, especially when it's only 69 cents.

That's the Mendoza family with the cutest kids ever!
So I don't know the day count but I know that I have been a full time missionary for more than 4 months. Woo-hoo! Time flies when it's behind you :P I actually got to drive for the first time the other day. It was me and Elder Snarr for the day and we got the car. I forgot how much fun it is to drive.

As for the mini missionary, the [introduction] meeting was sweet when we picked them up because we got to sing our awesome mission song. Elder Doermann, one of my favorite people ever, used the famous Lord of the Rings edition of our song when we sang and it was the coolest thing ever, right in front of all the stake presidents. I had only heard legends of it up until that point. It's a shame that the new mission can't have the same mission song. 

More little things before I say bye til next Monday:
  • I made a tortilla by hand! It was fun and boy did it taste good. I totally need to get my own press, tortillas rock. You should all use them more!
  • We saw a sick Audi R8 drive next to us on the road. That car made me shudder because it was so chill. (Mom post a picture of one!)
That's it for today. I will write on Monday :) 

Love, Elder Fivas