Mission split on the Horizon

Our last zone conference. It was bitter sweet.
June 24, 2013

Hey family I love hearing from you all!

So after that awesome broadcast I just wanted to yell at all of you to not forget the message you learned there! The members really are the most effective way to converting people to the Gospel. So don't you dare be lazy because those people you know or meet really need you and they are less scared of you than they are of the full time Elders. Notice I didn't say missionaries because the Sisters have some voodoo magic they use to be more successful :P 
We all left with Golden Bears of course, we had a toast ;)

New mission here I come!
I am excited for the changes coming up but it breaks my heart a little to let go of some wonderful people I have met. I am excited as ever though and I feel like I become a better missionary every day.

We had exchanges with the zone leaders and I loved that experience and growth. I learned that the members make a big difference and I got a taste of how the work should be when it gets going in an area. I was just loving the broadcast last night (Sunday) when it was confirming Elder Arveseth's and my desires and goals to take our branch and ward higher to have more success in missionary work.
Plus Elder Graf will be in my mission! Woo!

Something else I have really learned on my mission even more is how personal God is. It hurts my head to think about how He can be so personal to every single person created but I am sure grateful that He is. 

I don't have much time because I was emailing some other awesome people like Elder Gonzalez over in Chicago :P I just wanted to right about our investigator Dak. 

Her name is actually pronounced Duck and she is from American Samoa. She is soo cool! Elder Arveseth and Elder Snarr found her and set up a return appointment. So we came back and realized we needed someone else in the apartment because it's only two of us now. Luckily we were just at dinner with some members in the same complex so I straight up asked her if we could go get these people and teach her when we returned in 10 minutes :P She said yeah and the first lesson was great. I had to play with her daughter for the last half of the lesson while the Kieffer family and Elder Arveseth taught the first lesson but I could tell it was going as great as the first half. We left after she said an awesome humble prayer and set up the next appointment. 

This mannequin moved it's arms so it looked like a real person from down the street.
 I thought it was funny!
The next appointment came and we brought Bro. Kieffer and it went so well! We came in and she had written down words from the pamphlet that she didn't understand and she asked if we could have the lesson at the table so she could take notes. Well Elder Arveseth and I thought long and hard about it but we gave in to her request :P After the words like Priesthood and Restoration were explained to her, Elder Arveseth had to take spazzy 2 year old and play on the other side of the room. She is pretty cute though :P 

So I asked her why all of what we talked about is important and she asked what I meant. I asked like why is the Book of Mormon important and Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ. Then she sat back and said, "oh because it's true." My heart skipped a beat. I kept my cool though don't worry. I asked her what she meant and she said, "Jesus is real, he really lives and I know he exists." I loved hearing her short testimony, then I pressed on, "And what about the Book of Mormon? Do you feel like you have your answer from God?" She said "Well I know it's true too. After you left I prayed again and I knew it was all true. I pray over all my meals now and every morning on my way to work."

It was the best part of my mission so far. She wants to be baptized and we're aiming for the 20 of July. Hopefully I can play my part in this young woman's life!

Well that's my time :) I love you all so much. I am so happy here!

-Elder Fivas
Me and Wayne, the coolest Ward missionary ever!

Wayne, Elder Fivas, Elder Saunders
Sunsets are cool here and I went on an exchange in Hamilton.