Family History Center Walk-in

June 3, 2013

Hey Family! 

Are you back from Trek yet? I can't wait to hear about it!

So right off to start I want to mention next week to you. This Sabado [Saturday] we are getting what is called a mini missionary. They are someone from Ohio who is going to be with us for a whole week as they prepare for their own missions. I am pretty excited but that means there will be four of us and that means we have to split up which means we have to plan like two days and only one companionship gets the car haha But it will be sweet!

Even more so next week will be a transfer week and Elder Homewood is going home :( I will miss him so much! 

So Pday will be on Wednesday next week and I might be moving that Thursday so you can mail the mission office if you are worried about not getting it to me by next Wednesday. 

Bass Pro Shop.. Cool store. Uncle Brian Fivas would love it
Best part of next Wednesday besides email is that we are going to the MoTab concert in Columbus! It's going to be dope! They only tour around here every twenty years or so and we get to go for free! President Nilsen makes things happen! 

So I wanted to mention that I was watching a video on for the youth and it was the one where this girl is getting ready for the day and making her way to the temple just thinking about her life. When she gets on the bus she sees two young men give their seats up to an old lady at about 1:40 into it. One of the young men was my friend from my last EFY! It was so crazy awesome to see him! Haha he probably doesn't even remember me or Tony. 

In other news I had my first Baconator in 4 months in the nicest Wendy's ever. It was fantastic and worth all the money. 
Elder Fivas and Arveseth

So in district meeting this week we heard the bell buzz in the church and no one paid any attention to it. I just though there was someone else in the church and they were using the bell for something. So a little later this man pops his head in the door asking about  the family history library. We all just kind of shrug off his question because we don't really know how to work it. Then the thought occurred to me. This guy probably isn't even a member! haha I jumped up and and introduced myself and asked his name and started talking to him. That's when it dawned on my zone leader what was happening and he jumped up and we went in the hall to take care of him. I just though it was hilarious that this guy comes walking into a room with 10 missionaries and I am the only one that thought to get up and talk to him. He lives out of my area though so I don't get to teach him :P

Well I love you all a ton. And I love God. That's why I am out here, because His will is more important. Remember that y'all.

p.s. Check out this sweet family! They are from Peru and are so cool! They made Elder Homewood a cake because he is leaving and they put our picture on it. haha so cool!