And Then There Were Dos

Elder Fivas and Elder Arveseth
June 17, 2013
Here we are vosotros! Now it's just me and Elder Arveseth still in Miami River 2. We went from 4 to 2 in just one week on the amount of missionaries!
Boy MoTab was just crazy awesome! They are sooo good! They made me appreciate just how different choirs can be in skill level. And Alex Boye can dance yo! He started dancing after a solo and started gliding. Oh he is so Moreno!
Elder Fivas and Elder Homewood
The second best part of the MoTab trip was seeing Elder Graf again [Elder Fivas' MTC companion]. I got to talk to him during the intermission and it was just great. Both of us forgot our cameras in the car though so we didn't get a picture :P
3rd best part of MoTab was seeing how nice Columbus was. It is such a sweet city! Well I said goodbye to it because I knew I was going back to the Cincinnati mission :P
It was fun driving home too with some Wendy's but we didn't get back until two in the morning. We had to go to New Albany (which is a way nice place) to drop off Elder Homewood. We said bye. It was surreal. I took a picture :P

Summer nights are really awesome here! I have sat outside a couple nights and saw some fireflies and I enjoy the summer air. Makes me really miss Yellowcard's new album because that would just complete the picture :P
**Brayden had asked us to send him some short sleeved shirts.  It turns out they were a little too big. Letters and snacks were included in the package ;)**
I loved hearing from Kelsey and the Arizona drinks are great! The shirts work fine too! I am going to try and change one for a Large today though to see if it fits better though. The collars could be a little smaller, but you know I look good either way ;) I have some of the same genes as Uncle Danny, am I right? ;)

I have been eating great lately and that sure makes me happy. We got taken to a Chinese buffet by Pascual (a member) and I couldn't get enough of those cheese puff wonton things!
One of the lessons I learned this week is how much a good laugh matters. I was pretty frustrated and I had no reason to be so I was frustrated at myself for being frustrated which is quite the vicious cycle. I kept trying to keep happy though but it took about 10 minutes of me trying to get out of this slump before I broke it. I found that making myself laugh broke the sourness. Laughing is such a joy. Just remember funny times in your life and don't forget to laugh at funny things when you see or hear them. 
Alright to finish up, we met this awesome member family, the Kieffers, and had dinner with them. Elder Arveseth and the mini missionary knocked into them on accident and I am so glad they did. Right after dinner we went and tried a potential named Dak. It's actually pronounced duck but she's from American Samoa so whatever :P She invited us in but we realized that we couldn't come in because we were back down to just two Elders! Elder Arveseth mentioned that we had some members that just moved in and wanted her to meet some of their neighbors. Dak said she would be down for meeting them. We were going to set up another appointment with her but I just got some inspiration and cut in and asked if we could go get them and bring them right back so we could teach her and they could meet each other. Haha it worked!! She said she's cool with that so we ran back and grabbed the Kieffers and taught an amazing lesson. Dak is so cool. Some of her family back in American Samoa is LDS. Her little sister just graduated from seminary de hecho.

Elders Arveseth, Fivas, & Mini-missionary Snarr
The member present lesson went so well! The spirit was very strong and she was so sincere when she committed to reading the Book of Mormon and asking if it was true. Halfway through the lesson I actually got to play with her boyfriend's daughter because she kept distracting. So we played in the corner and I left it up to Elder Arveseth to knock it home :P He did and we get to all come back on Friday. The Gospel is true!
Love you! bye.
Elder Fivas


I got that fortune cookie and I thought it was so Preach My Gospel status that I taped it to my planner :P