Mission split on the Horizon

Our last zone conference. It was bitter sweet.
June 24, 2013

Hey family I love hearing from you all!

So after that awesome broadcast I just wanted to yell at all of you to not forget the message you learned there! The members really are the most effective way to converting people to the Gospel. So don't you dare be lazy because those people you know or meet really need you and they are less scared of you than they are of the full time Elders. Notice I didn't say missionaries because the Sisters have some voodoo magic they use to be more successful :P 
We all left with Golden Bears of course, we had a toast ;)

New mission here I come!
I am excited for the changes coming up but it breaks my heart a little to let go of some wonderful people I have met. I am excited as ever though and I feel like I become a better missionary every day.

We had exchanges with the zone leaders and I loved that experience and growth. I learned that the members make a big difference and I got a taste of how the work should be when it gets going in an area. I was just loving the broadcast last night (Sunday) when it was confirming Elder Arveseth's and my desires and goals to take our branch and ward higher to have more success in missionary work.
Plus Elder Graf will be in my mission! Woo!

Something else I have really learned on my mission even more is how personal God is. It hurts my head to think about how He can be so personal to every single person created but I am sure grateful that He is. 

I don't have much time because I was emailing some other awesome people like Elder Gonzalez over in Chicago :P I just wanted to right about our investigator Dak. 

Her name is actually pronounced Duck and she is from American Samoa. She is soo cool! Elder Arveseth and Elder Snarr found her and set up a return appointment. So we came back and realized we needed someone else in the apartment because it's only two of us now. Luckily we were just at dinner with some members in the same complex so I straight up asked her if we could go get these people and teach her when we returned in 10 minutes :P She said yeah and the first lesson was great. I had to play with her daughter for the last half of the lesson while the Kieffer family and Elder Arveseth taught the first lesson but I could tell it was going as great as the first half. We left after she said an awesome humble prayer and set up the next appointment. 

This mannequin moved it's arms so it looked like a real person from down the street.
 I thought it was funny!
The next appointment came and we brought Bro. Kieffer and it went so well! We came in and she had written down words from the pamphlet that she didn't understand and she asked if we could have the lesson at the table so she could take notes. Well Elder Arveseth and I thought long and hard about it but we gave in to her request :P After the words like Priesthood and Restoration were explained to her, Elder Arveseth had to take spazzy 2 year old and play on the other side of the room. She is pretty cute though :P 

So I asked her why all of what we talked about is important and she asked what I meant. I asked like why is the Book of Mormon important and Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ. Then she sat back and said, "oh because it's true." My heart skipped a beat. I kept my cool though don't worry. I asked her what she meant and she said, "Jesus is real, he really lives and I know he exists." I loved hearing her short testimony, then I pressed on, "And what about the Book of Mormon? Do you feel like you have your answer from God?" She said "Well I know it's true too. After you left I prayed again and I knew it was all true. I pray over all my meals now and every morning on my way to work."

It was the best part of my mission so far. She wants to be baptized and we're aiming for the 20 of July. Hopefully I can play my part in this young woman's life!

Well that's my time :) I love you all so much. I am so happy here!

-Elder Fivas
Me and Wayne, the coolest Ward missionary ever!

Wayne, Elder Fivas, Elder Saunders
Sunsets are cool here and I went on an exchange in Hamilton.

And Then There Were Dos

Elder Fivas and Elder Arveseth
June 17, 2013
Here we are vosotros! Now it's just me and Elder Arveseth still in Miami River 2. We went from 4 to 2 in just one week on the amount of missionaries!
Boy MoTab was just crazy awesome! They are sooo good! They made me appreciate just how different choirs can be in skill level. And Alex Boye can dance yo! He started dancing after a solo and started gliding. Oh he is so Moreno!
Elder Fivas and Elder Homewood
The second best part of the MoTab trip was seeing Elder Graf again [Elder Fivas' MTC companion]. I got to talk to him during the intermission and it was just great. Both of us forgot our cameras in the car though so we didn't get a picture :P
3rd best part of MoTab was seeing how nice Columbus was. It is such a sweet city! Well I said goodbye to it because I knew I was going back to the Cincinnati mission :P
It was fun driving home too with some Wendy's but we didn't get back until two in the morning. We had to go to New Albany (which is a way nice place) to drop off Elder Homewood. We said bye. It was surreal. I took a picture :P

Summer nights are really awesome here! I have sat outside a couple nights and saw some fireflies and I enjoy the summer air. Makes me really miss Yellowcard's new album because that would just complete the picture :P
**Brayden had asked us to send him some short sleeved shirts.  It turns out they were a little too big. Letters and snacks were included in the package ;)**
I loved hearing from Kelsey and the Arizona drinks are great! The shirts work fine too! I am going to try and change one for a Large today though to see if it fits better though. The collars could be a little smaller, but you know I look good either way ;) I have some of the same genes as Uncle Danny, am I right? ;)

I have been eating great lately and that sure makes me happy. We got taken to a Chinese buffet by Pascual (a member) and I couldn't get enough of those cheese puff wonton things!
One of the lessons I learned this week is how much a good laugh matters. I was pretty frustrated and I had no reason to be so I was frustrated at myself for being frustrated which is quite the vicious cycle. I kept trying to keep happy though but it took about 10 minutes of me trying to get out of this slump before I broke it. I found that making myself laugh broke the sourness. Laughing is such a joy. Just remember funny times in your life and don't forget to laugh at funny things when you see or hear them. 
Alright to finish up, we met this awesome member family, the Kieffers, and had dinner with them. Elder Arveseth and the mini missionary knocked into them on accident and I am so glad they did. Right after dinner we went and tried a potential named Dak. It's actually pronounced duck but she's from American Samoa so whatever :P She invited us in but we realized that we couldn't come in because we were back down to just two Elders! Elder Arveseth mentioned that we had some members that just moved in and wanted her to meet some of their neighbors. Dak said she would be down for meeting them. We were going to set up another appointment with her but I just got some inspiration and cut in and asked if we could go get them and bring them right back so we could teach her and they could meet each other. Haha it worked!! She said she's cool with that so we ran back and grabbed the Kieffers and taught an amazing lesson. Dak is so cool. Some of her family back in American Samoa is LDS. Her little sister just graduated from seminary de hecho.

Elders Arveseth, Fivas, & Mini-missionary Snarr
The member present lesson went so well! The spirit was very strong and she was so sincere when she committed to reading the Book of Mormon and asking if it was true. Halfway through the lesson I actually got to play with her boyfriend's daughter because she kept distracting. So we played in the corner and I left it up to Elder Arveseth to knock it home :P He did and we get to all come back on Friday. The Gospel is true!
Love you! bye.
Elder Fivas


I got that fortune cookie and I thought it was so Preach My Gospel status that I taped it to my planner :P


Mormon Tabernacle Choir Road Trip

Elder Fivas and Elder Homewood
June 12, 2013

Today we are going to drive up to Columbus to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Oh I am so pumped! They showed us this awesome video to get us even more excited. What a great way to end a P-day right? It is over two hours of a drive though. Even more fun! The lame sauce part is that we aren't staying the night with Elder Homewood up in Columbus so we don't get to see him off at his last transfer meeting. Today is goodbye. I am going to miss him.
Elder Arveseth and Elder Fivas

The good news is that Elder Arveseth [and I] are staying together. Yeah baby! That means that unless there is some crazy surprise, I will be in the new Cincinnati mission. We are going to have so much fun and grow so much. He only has two more transfers under his belt than I do. Spanish will be a little harder without the veteran but we can do it :) 

We have a mini missionary this week which makes us 4. His name is Elder Snarr and he is sweet! The mini missionary is teaching me so much. He tries very hard and that is so good to see. I learn the things that i can really improve on when I see him teach and role play.
Elders Homewood, Snarr, Fivas, Arveseth
Elders Snarr, Fivas, Homewood

This week the biggest thing that I have learned is that we need to hit the mark. How are we supposed to hit the mark if we don't know what that is right? So I am going to refocus on finding the mark for my investigators so I can hit it. The work is slow for our area but God always brightens our day with blessings too numerous to count. It's hard to be discouraged when you see the Lord's hand in the good parts of your day. His will be done!
So lately my favorite hymn has changed. Far above any other hymn, I like "Come Come Ye Saints". Have you people read the words?! It gives my soul strength and gusto, even more so than a good hamburger! Speaking of which, I had my first White Castle trip! I love those little burgers!! My companions were too chicken to try one but man they are missing out. You all are, actually. :P Elder Arveseth took a video of it but I don't know how I could send it to you without having to send you the memory card. Yeah, I love discovering new deliciousness, especially when it's only 69 cents.

That's the Mendoza family with the cutest kids ever!
So I don't know the day count but I know that I have been a full time missionary for more than 4 months. Woo-hoo! Time flies when it's behind you :P I actually got to drive for the first time the other day. It was me and Elder Snarr for the day and we got the car. I forgot how much fun it is to drive.

As for the mini missionary, the [introduction] meeting was sweet when we picked them up because we got to sing our awesome mission song. Elder Doermann, one of my favorite people ever, used the famous Lord of the Rings edition of our song when we sang and it was the coolest thing ever, right in front of all the stake presidents. I had only heard legends of it up until that point. It's a shame that the new mission can't have the same mission song. 

More little things before I say bye til next Monday:
  • I made a tortilla by hand! It was fun and boy did it taste good. I totally need to get my own press, tortillas rock. You should all use them more!
  • We saw a sick Audi R8 drive next to us on the road. That car made me shudder because it was so chill. (Mom post a picture of one!)
That's it for today. I will write on Monday :) 

Love, Elder Fivas

Family History Center Walk-in

June 3, 2013

Hey Family! 

Are you back from Trek yet? I can't wait to hear about it!

So right off to start I want to mention next week to you. This Sabado [Saturday] we are getting what is called a mini missionary. They are someone from Ohio who is going to be with us for a whole week as they prepare for their own missions. I am pretty excited but that means there will be four of us and that means we have to split up which means we have to plan like two days and only one companionship gets the car haha But it will be sweet!

Even more so next week will be a transfer week and Elder Homewood is going home :( I will miss him so much! 

So Pday will be on Wednesday next week and I might be moving that Thursday so you can mail the mission office if you are worried about not getting it to me by next Wednesday. 

Bass Pro Shop.. Cool store. Uncle Brian Fivas would love it
Best part of next Wednesday besides email is that we are going to the MoTab concert in Columbus! It's going to be dope! They only tour around here every twenty years or so and we get to go for free! President Nilsen makes things happen! 

So I wanted to mention that I was watching a video on LDS.org for the youth and it was the one where this girl is getting ready for the day and making her way to the temple just thinking about her life. When she gets on the bus she sees two young men give their seats up to an old lady at about 1:40 into it. One of the young men was my friend from my last EFY! It was so crazy awesome to see him! Haha he probably doesn't even remember me or Tony. 

In other news I had my first Baconator in 4 months in the nicest Wendy's ever. It was fantastic and worth all the money. 
Elder Fivas and Arveseth

So in district meeting this week we heard the bell buzz in the church and no one paid any attention to it. I just though there was someone else in the church and they were using the bell for something. So a little later this man pops his head in the door asking about  the family history library. We all just kind of shrug off his question because we don't really know how to work it. Then the thought occurred to me. This guy probably isn't even a member! haha I jumped up and and introduced myself and asked his name and started talking to him. That's when it dawned on my zone leader what was happening and he jumped up and we went in the hall to take care of him. I just though it was hilarious that this guy comes walking into a room with 10 missionaries and I am the only one that thought to get up and talk to him. He lives out of my area though so I don't get to teach him :P

Well I love you all a ton. And I love God. That's why I am out here, because His will is more important. Remember that y'all.

p.s. Check out this sweet family! They are from Peru and are so cool! They made Elder Homewood a cake because he is leaving and they put our picture on it. haha so cool!