The call home was great...

Just off the clock you know? :P

The call home was great! Thank you so much parents!

I actually only have 5 minutes left until we're leaving so I don't have much time. I am staying happy. I have come to realize that I really don't like Spanish that much. Even as a missionary I don't really want to learn it. I hope I get over that quick :P

I spent Sunday with my Branch President. He's way cool! We visited some new people and it was great to see him in action. 

So I noticed a poster in a GameStop for Call of Duty Ghosts. Haha talk about distracting! I love Call of Duty! Plus can anyone tell me if Iron Man 3 is dope? It looks dope :) 

Thank you so much Telisha for all of the amazing music! I still haven't even listened to it all! That was such a sweet surprise! I love you all! 

Love ya bye, 

Elder Fivas

It rained a lot and soaked us to the bone this week. Plus it got to my Spanish Bible :( oh well, it was pretty sweet

Elder Homewood and Elder Fivas
Elder Homewood and Elder Arveseth

Here are some pictures of my planner. We decorate them a little bit :P

Plus I got a sweet picture of the Book of Mormon.