Mayka and Cody

Hey! So here we are on Tuesday because we couldn't email you yesterday. Sorry about that, I know dad stresses a bit when he doesn't get my emails ;P

So to start this email off I want to mention that we ate at this sweet Mexican restaurant that one of our investigators owns and the enchiladas were divine! I can't wait til I can go back to a La Frontera with the family and me and Uncle Danny can talk to the waiters :P

Is that a "J-Dawg"?
So here is a little story, we were in the parking lot going to see one of our investigators in a part member family and this Micronesian lady in her 20's walk by lugging the trash out to the dumpsters. We ask to carry it for her but she says no so we start to walk again and she says "Wait! Are you the Mormons?" We spin around and say absolutely! She says that she wants us to come by and teach her because she saw missionaries back in Micronesia. It was sweet!

We went back the other day and actually taught her cousin (I think she's her cousin). Her name is Mayka and she is 21. She was so sweet and humble! She is just working right now and she misses her family and feels like Christ is real but just didn't know for sure. We taught her the first lesson like we were teaching a child and it was such a sweet and strong spirit. Her Aunt's boyfriend who was living there even came in and listened. He eventually spoke up and said he was baptized a long time ago and he totally testified of baptism and how good and clean he felt. It was almost funny at how awesome the situation was! We got a member present lesson on accident!  I asked some inspired questions and really got her to admit that she felt good and really felt loved by God. 

We followed up the next day with a call and I talked to her. It was so great! She said that while we were there the last night she felt like dizzy and tingly and different. I asked her if it was a good feeling just to confirm if she had some serious medical problems during her lesson or if it was the spirit :P She said it was a really good feeling and that she continued to feel it even after we left. It made my heart soar with joy! We invited her to church and she said she would come but we didn't see her on Sunday.

We talked to her yesterday to find out that she was going to come but she didn't have any nice clothes to wear. It just softened my heart to see how humble she was again and how maybe I overlook those things sometimes. When we told her that she could come in jeans and a t-shirt and that it didn't matter she just lit up and was so happy and surprised! I really would love to see her make it onto the path to the temple through baptism. It turns out that her cousin and mom and sister were all baptized back in the islands but she never was. OK I hope that made sense. 

There is also this sweet white guy named Cody that we met while looking up former investigators. He had moved into where they had used to live and we had a sweet talk and he invited us back for another day. 

After inspection...
During the first lesson he said that he had always felt that the 10 other churches he had tried with his grandma seemed like they were all missing something. He said that he thought the LDS church has always seemed to have it all together to him. Yeah baby! We are teaching him again later today. He said the coolest prayer too. He was like, "God, is this the real deal? Was Joseph Smith your prophet?" and stuff like that. It was just cool to experience. 

So last week on May 24 we realized that it was a pretty crazy day. It was the day where Elder Homewood had 21 days left in the mission and I have 21 months left. Haha crazy town! 

It's not all fun and success out here I'm sad to say. Sunday was rough, I mean I was having a little fun and I was happy but at the end of the day we had straight 0's for our daily key indicators. Ouch... First time for me haha! Esta bien, estoy seguiendo adelante! 

...Elder Arveseth takes another bite
I was horrified to hear about Elder Garver! I was glad to hear that he was ok but I bet that it's been a nightmare for everyone! Sheesh! 

Elder Hunter Anderson was hit by a car too but I guess that happens all the time in Taiwan haha, he's fine. 

Well that's all for today vosotros!

Con Amor,
Elder Fivas