"If I were anywhere but here..."

I actually almost forgot that next Sunday I get to call home! Whoop whoop! I guess I can call you whenever for about 45 minutes. Tell me when you want me to call but remember I have church from 11:00-2:00 here so I think that's like 9:00 over there. Crazy to think I am two hours ahead... 

Anyway I loved the Golden Bear picture you found! I actually have never seen the can because I bought the gallon size of it at Walmart haha.

Que mas?... Well last week was pretty slow. Our investigators are hitting some rough patches. Well that's what I assume because we can't contact any of them anymore! It's frustrating but no matter, no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing baby!

I have gotten better at understanding Spanish. You have no idea how good that makes me feel when I can see a difference between two weeks. The other area (that serves in the same branch) just got a third Elder with them. He is fresh off the plane and he is pretty sweet. His name is Elder Thompson and he had his first coordination meeting last week. It was funny to see what I must have looked like because he was trying so hard to understand what was going on and being said.

I can't imagine how far ahead of me Elder [Logan] Thomas is! He has a full 'nuther transfer under his belt! Oh, and Elder Arveseth didn't get transferred! We are still going strong in our tripanionship :) The rama (branch) has two of them now so we 6 missionaries in one branch! Try and stop us ;) 

So when we were out knocking some doors trying to find Hispanics, we were referred to Mary Jane's house. She answered the door, we found out that she spoke Spanish (but she was talking to us in fluent English which made me happy) but she was actually native american. We kept talking and found out that her grandpa (also Native American) would tell her stories about a man who came to the Americas a long time ago and taught the people what they should do. She said "the man was supposed to be Christ or something but I don't know". You can imagine my excitement at this point :P

We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she kind of lit up. She has a lot of religious family but she wondered why her grandpa would tell her stories like that but the church he went to never talked about his stories. She gladly accepted the Book of Mormon and was totally pumped to read 3 Nephi 11. We are going to try her today to see when we can get an appointment.

I actually love knocking doors. I enjoy meeting so many different people and seeing the good in humanity. On the other side too I see people with Satan's flaxen cords wrapped around them tighter than Arbok around a Catterpie. (That was a Pokemon reference yes).

"A nice view of the place I am serving around" :)
Ok so now for music! I need some baby! Padres, por favor send me some good music :) EFY Cds that I have and get some music online. Send me a CD with the song names if you could and make sure the songs are in mp3 format. Look up Vocal Points hymns because I have heard two of them and they are delicious to the ears. I would love more :) Also, can you send me the instrumental Madagascar theme song? Not the "I like to move it" song but the actual theme song. It's a lot easier to study to that one haha. Just see what sells good on Itunes too for popular uplifting Mormon music :) 

OK so I have coined a phrase this last week. It means a lot to me so I don't know if I can explain it all in words. I just say "If I was anywhere but here" It may look negative but it's totally not. I think to myself, "I would totally be sleeping in right now...if i was anywhere but here" or "I would get food at midnight on Monday morning, if I was anywhere but here" Another example, "If I was anywhere but here, I would be nowhere near this happy" or "If I was anywhere but here (in this situation of being a missionary) I would be going crazy with all this work". I can honestly say that this is what I want to be doing right now. The phrase to me means that at any given moment or location of my mission, I am happy to be there, because this is what I want most right now. I take great comfort and strength in knowing that I am supposed to be right here right now serving the people (particularly Hispanics) in Ohio. How could I not be happy? :) So yeah, that is it for this week. Talk to you soon family!

Con amor

-Elder Fivas