Enabling Power of the Atonement

Hey Family,

I am really sorry that I didn't tell you last week but transfers are tomorrow and our mission changes our Pday to Wednesday on transfer weeks!
Elders Homewood, Fivas, Arveseth

I don't have much time but luckily I have some pictures that happen to be worth around 1000 words or so.

There is this drink called Golden Bear Lemonade. It is a Arizona flavor and it has Jack Nicklaus on the front. It is SOO good! Try it! Also I have been getting great food from members and loving life.

I think Elder Arveseth might be taken from us tomorrow but we'll see. 

Before I go, I just wanted to mention this article in the Ensign. I can't remember what issue but it was on the Enabling power of the Atonement. I had such a good personal study on it! Study time is my weakness for sure so it was a blessing to change and repent. I was blessed the next day with the best personal study of my mission so far. We really can use the Atonement as a source of strength, not just change. Christ is more than willing to lend a hand if you are faithful and are keeping the commandments. Use the power of his Grace in anything you can use help in.

Well that's all I have time for. Thanks for everything family! And thank you dad for you journal letters, I love them!

-Elder Fivas

p.s. Elder Boekweg has gotten in touch again and my heart is once again whole :)

Yeah, its a sick car

Which car do you think had the 26"s?

Elder Homewood havin' some good food

Elder Fivas loves his Papa John's Pizza!