A List of What to Write Home About

Elder Homewood and Elder Fivas
So this week I actually took some time before hand to write a list of what I wanted to mention in my email home. Haha yeah judge me! I do want to start off with what I learned though.
Elders Homewood, Fivas, and Arveseth

This last week has been a blessing as we have gone through some tough times of dropping and finding wonderful people to teach. Recently the biggest thing that I have learned is that of opening my mouth. My Spanish inability would affect how much of myself I was being and I realized that is not how it should be. So I decided to put my trust in God and have confidence in Him. During the lessons I would step up and teach my brothers and sisters. So now, I have a stronger testimony that God fills your mouth when you open it. I used to try and fill my mouth before opening it. That is not what God asked us to do. He fills it after you open it when you do your best to teach, promise, and testify; even when it's not in your primary language. I love Ohio and I love the people here, especially the ones that speak Spanish. 

Alright, it's time to bring it back to less serious things haha.

So we brought a member to our lesson with Bruce and Muriel, this old couple that have lived in the same house for 40 years. The member, Bro. Peavely, started to ramble a bit, which is always scary, when he was talking about how the Holy Ghost testifies of truth. He was explaining it alright and then he went... wait for it... Political! Haha yeah he started to tie it to how Universities are being uprooted by liberals and "how are the college kids supposed to know the truth"? Haha thank goodness Bruce and Muriel are Republican. Elder Homewood shut that down before it got outta control. So I will tell you now members! If you ever go on a visit with the missonaries, keep it simplified and intensified.

This week we had the chance to teach little kids the first discussion to prepare the 7 year old for baptism. It was SO CUTE! My heart melted and their little eager faces. It was something I had never experienced before, those little ninos were so cute and funny! 
Saving $$ on haircuts

We had a bike day this week and that was a lot of fun. I feel so much more a part of the community when I am on a bike. I do get pooped easier than I would like but that's ok, we can't all be Elder [Logan] Thomas haha.

So some members gave us a summer sausage as a present which was super nice but we left it in the trunk over night so we didn't think we could eat it. 

No, Elder Fivas doesn't have a black eye. Optical illusion
I got to hear Elder Graf's voice on a Spanish zone conference call. I love that Elder so much!! Our trainers were on the phone with each other and Elder Graf and I passed messages back and forth through them. I hope we stay in the same mission after the split! 

One final thing to mention is that I gave my first talk in a Spanish Sacrament meeting. I did pretty well and it made me happy. It was a lot of fun! When you learn a different lesson you sure learn how to put things simply. It's really good to do that sometimes. Especially when talking about temples :P

Ok family I love you tons! Sis. Boekweg let me know that Elder Boekweg is heading to Peru as I type. Woo hoo baby!

One last last thing. I saw on an investigators xbox screen that they are announcing the new generation. Does this mean the new xbox?! Someone tell Uncle Larry to email the deets about it and the new Call of Duty!

Haha ok I am done now :P

-Elder Fivas
The view is when we are driving out of our apartment