Over the Greenie Blues

Hey Family,

   It's so hard to remember what all went down since I last wrote! So much happens so fast out here. I guess I can start by saying that things got so much better after a little time went on. Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers. I am always happy now even if things aren't very fun. It just so happens to be that most things are a lot of fun if you do it the right way. I got over the greenie blues (oh the irony) and am here for the long haul and happy about it. Probably not as happy as my pappy who just retired right? Yee-haw. You should see how pretty Ohio is dad. It does remind me more of Idaho than I thought because it's cold here and pretty green. However there are hills everywhere and I don't think there are many straight roads here at all but that is what it makes it so pretty.
Elder Fivas and Gretta

I stopped really worrying about my Spanish... Mostly because I have been on a Medical transfer haha. Elder Lamm from a neighboring area needed elbow surgery so I am in an English area for a week with Elder Beverly on the outskirts of Cincinnati. I am having a riot! There are some crazies all over the place here and it's so fun to meet all of these people. I love understanding people once again at 100% and I am fed very well haha. We do a lot more random knocking and people here say some funny things.

I walk down the street and smile to myself when I think of my family wondering where I am at. Sometimes I am walking down main street of a smaller town, sometimes I am walking through the hills, and sometimes I am the only white person within a mile radius in a jam packed Section 8 housing area in Cincinnati haha. It is so nuts to see how some people live! I am learning so much and I can't even tell you how happy I am doing this work.

   Thanks for that wonderful Neti Pot thing. Elder Jensen in the MTC actually told me about those. I will send pictures of me using it ;) And thank you Telisha for that greenie package, I love it! And I did get my blanket and sheets, thank you mom.
Elder Homewood and

Elder Arveseth and Gretta
So my Easter weekend was pretty amazing! I got to attend two baptisms, one of them being in the area I am in right now and one with my Tripanionship back down in Fairfield. The area I am in right now is Western Hills by the way. The first was to the funniest lady ever! Her name is Demitria and she is 72, I think. I wish everyone could have SEEN the smile she had after she came back up from under the water!! The second baptism is a 12 year old named Gretta and she is so strong. Her family, like most of the hispanic families here, is fairly nutso and she is going strong. I have a picture with her on Elder Homewood's camera I think, so yous will have to wait to see her. (They say yous here sometimes haha) On Sunday I went to a full sized ward and that was sweet! We confirmed Demitria and she was very overcome with the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was very neat to see her experience that power for the first time. She couldn't even stand up for a little bit.

I guess before I go I have to mention that I am going to attempt to cut my own hair today. Hopefully all goes well :P Oh and has anyone ever heard of Jeshua? We knocked on a door and this skinny black guy comes out and chews us out for teaching about Jesus Christ. Apparently Christ was just a Greek slave and when my companion tried to testify that he was the Savior and the Redeemer of the world he just told us that "There wa'nt no white man thet came t'save us". Hopefully I can keep experiencing funny things like this because I just think this is all so funny!

So how was Chance's farewell? The punk never wrote me back so I will have to have yous tell me. One more thing I guess is that it takes about 4 days until I get your mail just so you're aware. I love reading about your weeks dad and I'm glad the family seems to be doing ok without their best part ;) The Gospel is true people, and I am so happy to be a part of the only church that has Authority from God. Get pumped for General Conference and pray that I get to watch it in English! haha love you all!

-Elder Fivas