Just Gets Better

Well my beloved readers, things in the mission just get better and better. I love my companions more and more every day! I am happy to be back in my less hectic town and speaking Spanish again! Thank you so much for the letters and the support! They mean a lot, and thank you Nana and Andy for the haircut money haha.

My hair cut (Elder Beverley's handiwork) 
So I got to watch 3/5 sessions in English and I was happy with that. The other two sessions we had these sweet investigators from the Dominican Republic come and watch. They are so cool! I love meeting all these different people who come from different countries. The accents vary a little bit so I have no idea who I am going to sound like haha. I will tell you what though, I will not pronounce my "ll" as "J". That's what the Argentinians do so I do wonder if President Johansen does it... ;)
Beautiful Cincinnati from the view of a recent convert's apartment

On Easter I was in the Western Hills English area and Elder Beverley and I went to an old folks home. We had a good little service but let me tell you what. There was NO ONE that could play the piano and that does not go well when we need to sing! Add this up: Two Elders, two priests (I don't know how many were tone deft but I know 2/4 are), a Ward Mission Leader and his wife (from Kentucky), a 90+ black woman who can't hear, and two members with health problems on their health problems. Worst. Sound. Ever. It was awesome! I laugh as I go through these experiences of little things that just make me giggle because I think of my parents and friends. If they were thinking "I wonder what Elder Fivas is doing right now" they wouldn't really be able to appreciate the strange things that I was doing at that minute. There was one Sister that was telling us about a big 'ol bed sore she had on her rear and how she had to turn over everyday to let it heal.  Well that time of the day was when she decided to turn onto her side and Elder Beverley just was not in the right place at the right time hahahaha.

I don't know how many things I can tell you from the Hispanic stories I hear from the people I meet... They are much more loco! I am proud to say that I can tell a difference in my Spanish, it's still pretty bad sometimes but I really can talk better when I need to. I don't know how much I am growing as a person because I can't really see a change and there is so much for me to do to become a more powerful missionary but I am happy so I must be doing ok! 

The missionaries from my MTC district keep in touch and it's so cool to hear from them! I also heard that Tyler Kelsey got his call to Durban South Africa like a boss! Plus Chance is having success with his music just in time for him to leave :P. I love hearing the good news going around.

Speaking of news, where are you living now family? It sounds like you are living with Grandma soon. I don't remember you ever telling me a day. Did you sell the house? How is my little sister doing? I sent her a letter to the 874 Left hand address but is she even going to get it? Haha I hope so!
Well I am out of time! The blog looks great mom :)

I love you all so much! This really is God's one true church on the earth so don't slack!

-Elder Fivas
The missionaries parking job at conference. We boxed a lot of people in :)