It's A Small World

So I wanted to warm up this week's email with a story you can choose to share on the internet or not...

So we were teaching some potential investigators in this crowded house. Hispanics usually live with more than one family in a house so nothing new. We were teaching Alejandra and her cousin [Nicolas] who are both [Guatemalan] adults. Alejandra's kids were crawlin' around and fussing but we were getting through the lesson pretty well. Eventually we got to the point where the kids were really distracting and Nicolas was losing focus so Elder Homewood signaled for us to pick it up. Well we didn't pick it up fast enough haha. The littlest girl got pretty fussy and grumpy so it was time to feed I guess. This hermana lifted up her shirt and I just thought "there is no way she's going to do it". Well she did it. Just whipped one out and fed her kid with no cover right in the middle of Christ's ministry and the fall of His church. It was all I could do to not lose it! I was shaking so bad holding in laughs. I am forever grateful my companions didn't crack because that would have set me loose. So there you go :) I will email you another email about the rest of the week. You can choose to post this one or not haha.

My Sunday feast (that I ended up sharing)

This week has been all sorts of nuts for various reasons but man has it been awesome. Real quickly I never did mention that a couple weeks ago I went on a quick exchange with the English Elders in Fairfield and we visited this really wise and cute old man. We got to talking and he found out that I was from Tooele and he knew people there. Long story short it turned out to be that he is Mary Boehmer's dad! Crazy town right? What are the odds? 

Brother Hopkins and Elder Fivas
Well I will do you one better. We took the First Counselor of our branch out to teach an investigator with us and he was really cool. He really reminded me of dad and believe it or not, Gordon Hopkins. I would talk with Bro Hopkins at the high school so I got to know him a little better. Well the counselor's name was Bro Hopkins as well and so this Monday when he found out where I was from, he seemed to be familiar. I asked him if he knew anybody in Tooele and he said yes. So I pushed on and asked if he was related to any Hopkins out there and he said yeah! Turns out that he is Gordon's older brother! How cool is that?

Well mom, I would like to request my jacket from you. The digital camo one. It gets cold in the morning and it's not very comfortable to work out in a big coat like mine haha. 

We met this sweet Mexican couple who I am looking forward to teach. They have good questions and I have a lot of hope for them. The mujer se llama Catalina and she looks so much like Sadie's roommate Dani! Facial expressions, body type, ponytail. It made me smile. I probably looked totally creepy looking at this married woman and smiling to myself haha but it's ok. 

Elder Fivas' new Cincinnati Red's Shirt
Well the work is great, I go to bed satisfied every night. I still haven't gone to bed less than very happy.  Oh and I found a killer deal on a Red's shirt so I bought it. I figured they should be in the playoffs again this October so I didn't think I would look like a fool in it.

I miss music a lot more than I thought I would. I sing all the time because there is a song for everything and people's sentences just remind me of more songs! But Elder Homewood has some great approved music so I am happy. So parents, don't be afraid to hook it up with piano and gospel music ;)

I love you all so much! Hang in til summer Kelsey Bear!

Con amor
-Elder Fivas