Blossoms and Everything Just Turned Green

Hey again family!

I am so pleased to announce that I still am extremely happy! And you know what? I haven't even missed Call of Duty that much. What I miss most out here is the people I used to see. Sorry but that is not an invitation to come and see me haha. The more I am out here the more I like the Cincinnati Reds. I was here for opening day and it was cool to see a whole city have Reds stuff everywhere. I will definitely be coming home with a Reds cap. Maybe even a shirt... 

Anyway! The whole town I am in erupted into blossoms and everything just turned green. It's pretty amazing! In Ohio the people don't even have to have sprinkler systems because their lawns look so good without it! Can you put on your imagine hat and imagine that? (A saying I learned from one of the assistants who learned it from a black guy).

So on Saturday we went to follow up with a potential we had. They aren't hispanic or anything so I was looking forward to some English work. We get there and meet this man's wife and grandson outside and say hey. The wife goes in to talk to our Potential Investigator and we are left talking to their grandson. He tells us that he is going through a nursing program to work in an old folks home. He talks funny though so I was wondering if he was a little handicapped or something. Also he was smoking and he was half black and his grandparents aren't even close to black just to paint more of a picture. We are invited in and we sit down to start teaching. This is were the funniest lesson of my mission starts. I say funny because everything was just wrong! We get to talking and they mention their grandson isn't accepted into most churches. I'm thinking, that's odd he seems to function fine, and what church turns away handicaps? Then she informs us it's because he's gay... I laugh just thinking about it! Here I was thinking that he was mentally slow and it turns out I was about to experience my first lesson teaching a gay! That's not where it ends. Elder Homewood, my trainer, handles it like a pro and we get going. She brings up Joseph Smith getting the magic scrolls. We try to push on with our lesson. She then asks us if a couple rumors are true. So Mormons are all about families right? Of course! we say. Yeah I heard that you like bathe your teenagers even. Wait what? Where do people come up with this? Anyway we teach a good lesson, the spirit was there and eventually the Catholic wife makes a cross at us and shuns us as we teach her husband. It was just all so funny to me!

So Sadie told me someone is moving into our house already? Crazy town. Kinda sad. Sounds like my family's life is changing too. Cool beans, Kelsey keep smiling and enjoy everything. It's good to laugh and have an eye for funny things. It sure helps me!

Elder Boekweg told me he's been writing me but I haven't been getting anything. I feel bad! Sadie's finals are coming up, that's something I do not miss. Good luck to her and Telisha. Dani shouldn't need luck though, her and Nathan Fox work hard enough to not need it. I hope they read that ;) 

Ok gente, les quiero mucho! Voy a escribir mas en la semana proxima!

-Elder Fivas

*Along with this letter, Elder Fivas sent pictures of Gretta's baptism.  I've inserted them in his previous letter where he talks about Gretta.

C. Fivas