Travel Plans

I got my travel plans babay!! I am getting up at 3 AM to have my luggage and mi cuerpo at the pick up at 4 AM on March 20. I fly to Atlanta at like 7 and get there at some time... Not sure... But anyway mom and dad I can call you from the airport so expect a call early or something on the 20th.
I still don't know where my contacts are (I havent checked the mail yet today though) so I don't know whats going on there.
I am still just so happy here and learning in leaps and bounds. I had no idea how close God is to each one of us. I'm serious, He is the most generous person in the universe. He has SO many blessings just waiting to be sent your way if you exercise some faith or make some covenants. Gosh I get so churchy sittin in here for this many weeks!
Nothin too crazy has gone on here this week. I am seriously going to miss the Elders that are leaving tomorrow.
I just don't know what to say really... uuuhhhhh....

I do love all the dear elders mom and dad so thank you for that!!

Cheers fo now.

Elder Fivas

p.s. I sent pictures each equaling 1000 words so I am not feeling bad about only writing a paragraph haha

p.p.s Elder Graf's family is enjoying the blog haha. I love Elder Graf. He is such a wise Elder and such a cool guy. Totally relaxed and only says things that are meaningful. I could not have asked for anyone better.