The District

I made it past halfway baby!!

I guess we get our travel plans this thursday and I am pumped about that. I loved the care package that you sent me mom it was great!! So perfect, and you have no idea how awesome the legos are. Thanks for seeing that they were cool and getting me some. I totally was going to ask but I dont think I actually did. The mints are essential too :P 

Well we are really starting to have a dramatic district. I love them to death and I think we have the best district out of anyone [unfortunately one of our district members had a medical condition and needed to go home].  It is good that he is getting help and treatment that he needs. We miss him and hope the best for him.

The day after (I think) the hermanas quieren bendiciones so we all got to bless them one by one. It was a great experience and they told us that the blessings all had specific words they needed to hear. Just crazy business but it's all good.

I can tell you that my life changes every day I am here. Sorry for the sobering story but it was worth sharing. We're still having a blast here as a district and I am just so happy. Recently I have learned more the importance of doctrine. God's doctrine when understood, is actually what changes hearts. I have loved going through PMG looking at scriptures for doctrine I teach my investigators.

I am sorry if I don't answer questions when I email back. I never bring my letters with me to the computer lab so I dont have them in front of me. I pretty much just spit out what goes through my head. I saw Ben Cheney in the temple dressing room today. It was soo good to see him and talk to him. I also get surpises seeing people like Spencer Stubbs in the MTC with me. It's cool to see so many people from my school out here with me.

Lastly I just want to mention the importance of goals. I used to think they were estupido but I am starting to see the light. I want the character of Christ with me. If you look at it, whenever the natural man would turn inward and think selfishly, Christ looked outward at other peolpe's needs. I promise to come back a lot more like that.

I love you family!!
Elder Brayden Fivas