Last Week at the MTC

It's the last week in the MTC and I am just so excited!! There is a whole lot I could say throughout the week but I never remember it when it comes to Monday so I am sorry. I have 5 dollars in quarters so I can make a call at the airport. They ran out of call cards in the bookstore... There are sooo many people here, it doesn't surprise me. Anyway, there are two things I want to talk about. But first, mom and dad, can you please post my mission address to facebook or something? I have no idea what to tell people my mailing address is. 

So first is that the English Elders are stinkin pampered. We have class in the same room every day. It's pretty much where we live and it's older than Uncle Danny, I know it. It is crammed with 12 people in it always and it has smelled good only one time in 6 weeks and I don't know what the difference is. The air conditioning doesn't really work so all of the class rooms have fans that we stick by the door. Anyway, we hear about this other building where we should go to do TALL (the language program on the computers). We call it the Celestial Building. It has WAY NICE AIR CONDITIONING and it's all new and the bathrooms are wonderful and it puts our smelly building to shame haha. It happens to be the building with desks big enough for a notebook (unlike ours) and they have new comfy chairs. Guess who gets it? The people that have to live there for 12 weeks? No. 9 Weeks? no. 6 weeks? NO! The ENGLISH speakers get to spend their two weeks in luxury and teach the gospel in english, while we slave and stink for 6 in a building that seemed run down even when I didn't know about building 4M. haha

It really is no big deal but It's something to write about. I tease Elder Schofield about being there all the time :P 

The other thing is that I saw THE HAPPIEST old guy ever in the temple. He sat next to Elder Graf and just had this huge smile on and was just patting Elder Graf's leg and looking around smiling, not a word was said. His hair was barely existent and it was all wind blown and he didn't ever stand up. But he was SO COOL!! That dude smiled throughout the whole session and just made me so happy! This week we saw him again in the celestial room and it made me so happy! Elder Graf said he just wanted to take that guy and put him in his pocket so we could keep him forever. 

Don't worry, I do still grow every day here spiritually but it's so much that… Anyway it is hard to write what I learn because I am learning constantly and I can't keep up in my journal even :P I guess you'll just have to wait two years to see the difference and growth ;)

I sure love you all! Thanks for everything you do and send ;)
Elder Fivas