The top 3 things you feel here

February 25, 2013

Well I spent 15 minutes emailing otra personas pero esta bien. I had my first day of all spanish on Saturday and it was pretty rough after lunch. I did pretty well though and I am still getting better so that's good. If its ok with mom and dad I will try to send my pictures on the card. I don't know how much time I can spend figuring out how to attach photos through all the safety nets. 

I heard a bit from elder Thomas. Sounds like he is in a pretty funny little place. Will someone copy and paste his letters into a dear elder so I can read how he is doing? 

This week has just been great. I have come quite a bit closer to Christ and even better at teaching and teaching in Spanish. There are so many great things to learn here. I wish people could just go through a two week boot camp just to improve themselves here. The devotionals are great and I never would have thought that Mormon Messages would be so entertaining. I guess when they're all you get... Thank you for all the letters and love you have all been sending me. In this place the top three things you feel are: The Spirit, Love from one to another, from you to your investigators, or from God to you, and a mixture of all the gas you get from all this food and a yearning to play a video game with your buds. Luckily the first two overpower the last one so most people stick with it. I continue to lose weight. I guess it isn't a surprise when I think that I am one organ lighter. All I do is play HORSE for gym but it's fun enough.

I guess it's time for me to teach a little bit. I try not to go all churchy because when I would read my friends' letters I wanted to hear their experiences, not really things I hear in church. I do have a great love for nuestro Salvador though and I have relied on Him way too much to not exhort you all to come closer to him through la Expiacion. Repent more often y'all. Confess your sins and be willing to change and do whatever God's will is. Yo se que podemos vivir con Dios por medio Jesucristo y su Expiacion.

Pues, esta todo mi tiempo. Perdon por not writing more. I love you all tons!

Elder Fivas