A Week of Introduction

February 11, 2013
Elder Fivas and his companion Elder Graf

Hey family!

I did send a letter home but it wasn't til Saturday so you probably didn't get it til today. Monday is my p day so now you know :) Thank you so much for your letters and the dear elders are great! I do get to see Elder Thomas quite a bit (almost every meal) and that makes me very happy. I actually see a lot of people that I know. It seems that there are a lot of kids from the Bury that are here with me. However I have still not seen Elder Hunter Anderson.

Tell me I looked back! I totally can't remember haha and that is no bueno. All of the days seem to blur because I have to think really hard to know which day certain things happened... I have taken a couple pictures but no mucho. I need a USB adapter that I can plug an SD card into to send them.

So... I have been learning at a super accelerated rate! It is so cool how much I learn and how much I improve at things like teaching and speaking in Spanish e're day! I can bear my testimonio en espanol y orar (pray) pretty fluently now :) My companion, Elder Graf, is so dope!! He is awesome and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to match me. He is from Draper and is going to the exact same mission as me. I love my district as well and I have a lot of fun here. We are all going to different states as companions but we all speak spanish. There are 6 elders and 6 hermanas. Can I just say how difficult it is to write in all english? It is so much easier to write "y" instead of "and"! Most people seem to say that it gets better after you make it through your first week but I have loved this week! I could focus a little better... But Elder Graf and I did pretty great for our first two lessions with "Ricarda" We are getting good at understanding spanish and we are teaching well. We got Ricarda to pray before we left on our second lesson :) It's cool to have such strong feelings for an investigator that is just acting for a person they have in mind.

If there is anyway possible to find the devotional given by Elder Holland at the MTC back when Pres Faust was alive, watch it!! It is exactly how I feel. It is titled "Missions are forever" I think. I love having the clarity and power that a full time missionary has and I am already growing so much. I gaurantee that BYU will be no prolem when I get back with as much studying as I am used to now. Also... I seriously think that I am starting to lose weight :) Crazy but it's true. My moobs are totally getting smaller! Can I say that?... I do eat pretty healthily mom, I get my salads in with my meals and I also drink two glasses of apple juice every meal. I don't know if that's actually good but I am surviving so far haha. While I am being not too serious, i will confess one of the biggest challenges of the MTC. I cant call anyone dude or bro or homie anymore! Es horrible! thats spanish for, its horrible. It has to be Elders or hermanas (sisters)
District Members 

Well I am of out of time! Sorry but I that's how it goes. I will write you what I need on paper and send it too you :P

Love you tons!

Elder Fivas