The top 3 things you feel here

February 25, 2013

Well I spent 15 minutes emailing otra personas pero esta bien. I had my first day of all spanish on Saturday and it was pretty rough after lunch. I did pretty well though and I am still getting better so that's good. If its ok with mom and dad I will try to send my pictures on the card. I don't know how much time I can spend figuring out how to attach photos through all the safety nets. 

I heard a bit from elder Thomas. Sounds like he is in a pretty funny little place. Will someone copy and paste his letters into a dear elder so I can read how he is doing? 

This week has just been great. I have come quite a bit closer to Christ and even better at teaching and teaching in Spanish. There are so many great things to learn here. I wish people could just go through a two week boot camp just to improve themselves here. The devotionals are great and I never would have thought that Mormon Messages would be so entertaining. I guess when they're all you get... Thank you for all the letters and love you have all been sending me. In this place the top three things you feel are: The Spirit, Love from one to another, from you to your investigators, or from God to you, and a mixture of all the gas you get from all this food and a yearning to play a video game with your buds. Luckily the first two overpower the last one so most people stick with it. I continue to lose weight. I guess it isn't a surprise when I think that I am one organ lighter. All I do is play HORSE for gym but it's fun enough.

I guess it's time for me to teach a little bit. I try not to go all churchy because when I would read my friends' letters I wanted to hear their experiences, not really things I hear in church. I do have a great love for nuestro Salvador though and I have relied on Him way too much to not exhort you all to come closer to him through la Expiacion. Repent more often y'all. Confess your sins and be willing to change and do whatever God's will is. Yo se que podemos vivir con Dios por medio Jesucristo y su Expiacion.

Pues, esta todo mi tiempo. Perdon por not writing more. I love you all tons!

Elder Fivas

Twinkie of Destiny

February 18, 2013

Buenas Dias e'rebody!

I hope all is well back home and someone better have watched the season premiere of Psych. Don't think I don't know that it premieres this month...

Thank you so much for the packages!! I was so overcome with Joy on Valentine's day from everyone’s thoughts and messages and good food here is always treasured. The cafeteria food is starting to all taste the same... Speaking of letters, why have I not heard from Uncle Danny yet? He can't always be rescuing orphans or volunteering at veterinary hospitals! And no I was not referring to his scout troop but I guess that does fit. And where is Chance in my life? That bum hasn't even emailed me his address so I cant even write him first!

My roommates left for France today. I am super bummed because they were the coolest people I know. Elder Petersen was from Huntington Beach and Elder Johnson was from Alpine and now they have to go suffer in gay marriage legal France. We can't all be as lucky as me and Elder Graf that get to witness the Ohio State University and partake of some White Castle glory.
Valentine surprise

I don't really know how my weight is doing on the account of, I CANT PLAY BALL ANYMORE! I am somewhat distraught at this time in my life, largely because these awful church pants have been perfectly crafted to touch all three of the openings in my stomach. I am quickly getting over it but slowly warming my mind to the thought of just not wearing any pants at all... I will let that thought stew for a couple more seconds before telling you that I would obviously still wear basketball shorts. I think that would look great. I could match my ties to my shorts colors.

Will somebody tell the Carpenter family that I loved the Chex mix? Also, you have all GOT to watch the new  mormon message on fatherhood because I replayed it three times. It is the best one so far and it's time you knew it. I love you even more dad. Thanks for always feeding me. Because I was in the hospital during Papa John Friday I had to go without my nectar but I am pleased to announce that they had left overs for lunch on Saturday. So bottom line is that I am still a winner.

I still love it here and I never go to bed sad. I might tonight though because our oldest and coolest district is leaving in the morning. I just don't know what I am going to do without them. Probably enjoy whatever goodies they left behind. I have received from them the Twinkie of Destiny that is supposed to have been here since October. Be jealous. Just in case there are any grammar Nazi's out there I must remind you that I do not re read what I have written because there is not enough time for that.

So Mom and Dad, it turns out that one of my zone leaders that is leaving has a mom that went to Granger. Her name was then Melinda Kettle, Please tell me you know her because that would be dope. I have seen Hunter a couple of times which is great and I have been trying to take a little more pictures so maybe you will get some eventually. If you want the story on my Appendix you can ask my parents because I was able to tell them in person in the hospital. They have to have more time to tell you all about it right?

Well I am not sure what else to write.... Maybe that Bacon pancakes are currently filling my thoughts. Have my parents email me questions if you have any specifics and I will try to answer them next Monday whether online or on paper. Dear is great and Telisha Fivas is the greatest person I know. Thank you for the cupcakes and the hymnos book I use every day. Can somebody get me her address?

Love you all tons!
Elder Brayden Tardy Fivas


**Brayden didn't want to spend his limited time writing home to tell his appendix story, so he asked that I take the time to write about it.  The following is how we remember him telling it to us.**

February 14, 2013

Around 10:45 pm as Bruce and I were digesting our Valentine’s Day dinner from Texas Roadhouse, Bruce gets a phone call.  He looks at the display and sees it’s from Provo.  We don’t know anyone from Provo.  “Uh oh, this can’t be good” he says out loud.  “Hello, Mr. Fivas, this is Dr. Craig Cook calling from the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo.  We have your son here and he would like you to know he is about to go into surgery for an emergency appendectomy.”  Our prime rib dinner threatens to come up.

On Tuesday, Feb. 12th, Brayden and his companion Elder Graf go to the “Cold Clinic” at the MTC for mild cold symptoms.  “Oh, and by the way, I kinda have this pain here” says Brayden pointing to his lower right abdomen.  The MTC doctor say’s “Well, it could be gas, or something you ate, or it could be your appendix. Let’s do this simple test.” He then has Brayden bounce on his toes to see if the pain gets worse. “Let’s send you over to BYU’s Student Health Services to see what they say.”  So Elders Fivas and Graf walk over and Brayden hears the same thing.  “It could be gas, or something you ate, but it could also be your appendix. Let’s do some blood tests.”  So after blood work, Elders Fivas and Graf make their way back to the MTC.  In the meantime, the pain level is getting higher.  Just before lights out, Brayden has his companion give him a blessing. Elders Petersen and Johnson, the other companionship they room with joined in. By the next morning, the pain did ease up a little. For how long, I don’t know.  Brayden didn’t really say how much pain he was in. 

After dinner, on Thursday, Feb. 14th the front desk called down to Brayden’s room to see if he was there.  He was.  They asked him to call the front desk personally.  “The lab results came in, and we're sending Security to escort you and Elder Graf to the hospital to have your appendix removed”. 

Dr. Cook called us back a second time about an hour after the first call.  “The surgery was a success. The appendix needed to come out.  Its very fortunate that Brayden had it checked out.  If it had gone another day it could have ruptured.”  The doctor told us it would be appropriate if we wanted to come see him in the morning and we didn't necessarily need to come down that night since he would be sleeping off the anesthesia.

Bruce, Kelsey, and I made it down to the hospital about 9:00 am the following morning, Friday, Feb 15 to find Brayden in his room sitting in a recliner in a hospital gown hooked up to an IV.  He looked tired and pale, but was feeling great.  We were able to spend most of the day keeping him company. Brayden had sent Elder Graf back to the MTC after his surgery the night before to sleep in his own bed.  We did have the pleasure of meeting Elder Graf and another companionship from his District when they brought Brayden some study material he requested.

Because Brayden wouldn't be returning home to the care of mom and dad, Dr. Cook had him stay a second night in the hospital for good measure. (He was bummed he'd be missing the Friday night Papa John’s Pizza dinner the MTC serves.  The liquid diet he was on wasn't helping.)

The next morning Dr. Cook was happy with Brayden’s recovery and said he could go back to the MTC that afternoon as long as he didn't participate in basketball for a while. He was also told he needed to stay on a “soft-food” diet for a week or two.

 We feel so blessed this emergency happened while he was at the MTC and not necessarily in Ohio.  The fact he had access to an on-site “cold clinic” may have saved a lot of time. We are very thankful the MTC doctors took his pain seriously and had Brayden get some blood tests.  Dr. Craig Cook, who was the actual surgeon, and who called us not once, but twice, has the best “bed-side” manner we've ever seen.  Bruce and I couldn't have been happier with the service Utah Valley Regional Medical Center provided our son.

A Week of Introduction

February 11, 2013
Elder Fivas and his companion Elder Graf

Hey family!

I did send a letter home but it wasn't til Saturday so you probably didn't get it til today. Monday is my p day so now you know :) Thank you so much for your letters and the dear elders are great! I do get to see Elder Thomas quite a bit (almost every meal) and that makes me very happy. I actually see a lot of people that I know. It seems that there are a lot of kids from the Bury that are here with me. However I have still not seen Elder Hunter Anderson.

Tell me I looked back! I totally can't remember haha and that is no bueno. All of the days seem to blur because I have to think really hard to know which day certain things happened... I have taken a couple pictures but no mucho. I need a USB adapter that I can plug an SD card into to send them.

So... I have been learning at a super accelerated rate! It is so cool how much I learn and how much I improve at things like teaching and speaking in Spanish e're day! I can bear my testimonio en espanol y orar (pray) pretty fluently now :) My companion, Elder Graf, is so dope!! He is awesome and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to match me. He is from Draper and is going to the exact same mission as me. I love my district as well and I have a lot of fun here. We are all going to different states as companions but we all speak spanish. There are 6 elders and 6 hermanas. Can I just say how difficult it is to write in all english? It is so much easier to write "y" instead of "and"! Most people seem to say that it gets better after you make it through your first week but I have loved this week! I could focus a little better... But Elder Graf and I did pretty great for our first two lessions with "Ricarda" We are getting good at understanding spanish and we are teaching well. We got Ricarda to pray before we left on our second lesson :) It's cool to have such strong feelings for an investigator that is just acting for a person they have in mind.

If there is anyway possible to find the devotional given by Elder Holland at the MTC back when Pres Faust was alive, watch it!! It is exactly how I feel. It is titled "Missions are forever" I think. I love having the clarity and power that a full time missionary has and I am already growing so much. I gaurantee that BYU will be no prolem when I get back with as much studying as I am used to now. Also... I seriously think that I am starting to lose weight :) Crazy but it's true. My moobs are totally getting smaller! Can I say that?... I do eat pretty healthily mom, I get my salads in with my meals and I also drink two glasses of apple juice every meal. I don't know if that's actually good but I am surviving so far haha. While I am being not too serious, i will confess one of the biggest challenges of the MTC. I cant call anyone dude or bro or homie anymore! Es horrible! thats spanish for, its horrible. It has to be Elders or hermanas (sisters)
District Members 

Well I am of out of time! Sorry but I that's how it goes. I will write you what I need on paper and send it too you :P

Love you tons!

Elder Fivas

A Short Note Home

Saturday, February 9, 2013

!Lo Siento! I have been trying to figure out my schedule at night so I've been scrambling and wandering like I do.  It's great here and the people are great!  I love my companion Elder Graf to death and he's perfect for me!  He's from Draper and is going to the same mission.  My P-Day is Monday so I will write you more then.  I'm extremely happy here and can't believe my own progress!  You're letters were great and made me happy.  I'm going to be such a stud when I get back ;)

Elder Fivas

p.s. that's spanish for Elder Fivas